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Price and Non-Price Factors in Agricultural Investments

Price and Non-Price Factors in Agricultural Investments V N Misra P B R Hazell Introduction IN our paper [Mian and Hazeil 1996] we included an analysis of the determinants of private investment in Indian agriculture, which has generated considerable debate. Our results showed that while the domestic terms of trade and technological change (as represented by the spread of HYVs) were significantly and positively related to private capital formation, public capital formation was not a significant determining factor. This result challenged the much cherished assumption that public and private investment are complementary.

Rural Poverty in the Semi-Arid Tropics of India-Identification, Determinants and Policy Interventions

The poverty problem is severe in the semi-arid tropics, but is not beyond solution. Among the simulated policy interventions, redistribution of land by itself is least effective in reducing poverty The most important policy intervention for poverty alleviation is the complete package of land with a pair of bullocks and a minimum of eight years of schooling. Increasing education levels, providing a pair of bullocks, increasing irrigation by 40 per cent and increasing wage rates are equally effective in reducing poverty in the semi-arid tropics.

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