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LATIN AMERICA-Nemesis without Hubris

sensus for endowing the local institutions with ample authority and resources and formulating adequate measures to ensure appropriate participation of the rural poor in the local ins'itutioiis. However, several participants in the seminar raised serious doubts about the legitimacy of these institutions in the existing inegalitarian social, political and economic system.

LATIN AMERICA- Costa Rica Mythology Takes a Knock

the Communist Party? After the electoral fiasco, for which he must bear a large part of the responsibility, Santiago Carrillo has relinquished his occupancy of the secretary "generalship. He has not, however, lost his hold on the party apparatus. His replacement, Gerardo Iglesias, a 37-year old miner whose credentials as a militant during the dictatorship are firmly established was by no means the expected choice. It seems that he is likely to follow the Carrille line of iron discipline within the Party and may in other ways be a faithful disciple of the chief (who in any case relatins his seat on the executive committee and continues to be the Party spokesman in parliament). All this adds up to a reaflirmation of the personalistic, authoritarian style of control which was the focus of dispute last year, when six members of the executive committee had to resign, and of course was a festering sore during the later years of exile in Paris, The contradiction between a public preaching of Eurocommunism and heavy- handed rule inside the Party certainly pushed many of the younger militants into the position of 'independent socialists'. At present several of them are offering their technical skills and broad political backing to PSOE. If it fails to concretise a more sharply socialist line, then a reformation of groupings on the Left will most likely result.

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