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OBITUARY-Karunakar Gupta

level the KPA had made clear pronouncements that their goal was Konkani as official language in Devnagiri not only to preserve our cultural identity and for job protection but also as a means of developing communal bonds in Goa thereby saying that religious fundamentalism need not be a part of our national life, would this not have appealed to more people? Members of the Chitrangit felt that the violence of December 1986 was justified, because the government had turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to their peaceful demands. Members of the KPA committee also believed this. The KPA was committed to a non-violent policy. However with the chief minister adamant in his stand, they felt they were not responsible for any outbreak of violence and made an announcement to this effect. If leaders are committed to their values and have faith in their values, would they have made such an announcement? Would they not have kept requesting people to continue a 'peaceful fight' though this would have meant a longer period of struggle? Chitrangit also believes that the violence led the government into granting official language status to Konkani. Chitrangit seems to have unquestioningly and uncritically accepted the leadership of the men. Would the women have felt differently if the men had felt differently? If there were more women on the committee participating in committee meetings would we have avoided the violence of December 1986, and still had Konkani as official language?
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