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No Feel for Citizen Contact

ter career opportunities, and the desire to have amenities, not otherwise available, will prevent the Indian scientists from going abroad more than law and government decree could. Teaching manpower faces problems of lower salaries

Organisational Behaviour

vastly dissimilar to those elsewhere and, perhaps most important, that the unions do indeed guard the worker's interest. The view about workers' rights and unions' role in communist countries, that is prevalent outside, can obviously not be squared with this. At the same time, the author cites several instances in which the union committees were far from keen or alert in defending the workers and this is ascribed to either the weakness of the unions concerned or their preoccupation with production targets and wage bills.

Socialising the Police

The Police and Political Development in India by David H Bayley ; Princeton University Press, 1969 ; pp 482 + xiv.
THE problems of police administration in India have begun to engage the attention of students of political development and public administration only recently. The increase in the incidence of violence in the country has brought the police into the limelight, and one finds a growing number of people discussing the role of the police when 'constitutional agitations' threaten to get out of control. However, not much has been done by way of research on polios problems in India and Bay ley's book appears to fill the void. The contribution of the author lies not so much in the conclusions he arrives at

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