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Surprising Export Activity

were made on a number of occasions by the conciliation officer to effect a settlement nothing came of them as both the sides remained adamant. Alter four months the proprietor obtained a directive from the High Court to the police to provide protection to the management in removing finished goods from the factory. The manager was severely assaulted while he attempted to carry out the instructions and was removed to hospital in an unconscious state. The deadlock continues and the factory remains closed. While no one can support or justify the excesses committed by the employees, the management also took no positive steps to create a climate conducive to resolution of the dispute. Instead, each precipitate action taken by management evoked further acts of fury and violence from employees with results which did good to neither party. Some aspects of this case are no doubt atypical but it also dramatically highlights the current ineffective state of the industrial relations machinery.

Calculations Upset

intensity rate of gherao in government establishments was in fact higher than in the private sector if we take commercial and industrial establishments only.

Shameless Profiteering

November 1.8, 1967 is still prevalent in many parts of the country. In his report on "Package Programme and Tenurial Conditions" Wolf Ladejinsky pointed out that in Thanjavur district tenants have to part with upto 70 to 75 per cent of the produce. This is confirmed by S K Basu whose study of implementation of land reforms in West Bengal has revealed that tenants have to bear the full cost of all inputs and still get only half of the produce. Naturally, a crop- sharer needs the assurance that any extra input on his part will bring a return worth more than twice the additional input where the sharing is 50:50. The number of plots which show losses from the use of improved seeds increase when we introduce the tenancy system.

Seasonal Decline Under Way

lack in intellectual integrity and have no moral earnestness. And it is this naked, unpleasant truth that has resulted in the seareh for Ash- lands, not just for technical aid or capital resources in foreign exchange neither of which are neces sary, but for management itself, and that too in the most critical phases of this mismanaged venture. Would that Parliament look immediate notice of 1hese unpleasant facts before it is too late to enforce remedial measures.

Castor Oil Exports At Stake

October 28, 1967 tries and aid to them, was in large part due to the need for containing communism. International Commodity Agreements and other efforts at stabilising terms of trade of underdeveloped countries have so far failed. Aid has flowed chiefly from government to government and international organisations are dominated by power blocs. Recently it has been made clear that the era of aid without strings has ended! Therefore, while expressing sincere thanks for the aid received during recent years, the underdeveloped countries should realise that the size and shape of future aid will depend mostly on political developments. Therefore, developing countries will be ill- advised to treat aid as an essential resource in their plans of development. They will have to adopt an 'opportunist

Arrivals Gather Momentum

ration check was superior to that3 for the 1951 check. Yet the results are in some cases quite surprising. For about one-fourth of the persons in the households, both in rural and urban areas of India, which were re-enumerated, it is not known whether they were "missed" or "over counted" in the Census. In rural Jammu and Kashmir, not a single female was missed; and the three figures of over-counted males as well as females and missed males are all the same (1256).7 The chief bottleneck seems to be the difficulty of securing independent and accurate field-work. Can we not, therefore, explore the possibility of undertaking a smaller post-enumeration check in collaboration with the various institutions undertaking demographic research and training? Of course, the approach in such collaborative projects must be entirely scientific. The aim should be to know how far the census omits or over-counts people and to which sex-age-marital status and worker groups such persons belong. If this idea is found acceptable, one would also venture to suggest that we extend the 1971 post-enumeration check to include a check on the contents of the census schedules or the reliability of the responses to the census enumerators.

Oilseed Prices Rise

Oilseed Prices Rise Nishtar OILSEEDS and oil prices have hardened further. Castor and cottonseed futures

It Never Happened Before

October 7, 1967 State Insurance Act of 1948, Section 73a.
37 Schedule I of the Employees State Insurance Act of 1948, Government of India, Ministry of Law.

Castor Futures Call for Probe

\y invested in growth scrips, since the relaxation of laws relating to investment of their funds.
The Central Provident Fund Act covers only factory workers. Provident funds of other categories of employees are managed by trustees nominated by employers and employees. These funds have also to invest their monies entirely in Government bonds. The total amount and yearly accretions to these funds are also considerable. The liberalisation of approved investments for the Central fund will have to be extended to these funds also. This would, however, raise the question of judicious management of funds by the respective trustees and might create possibilities of misuse. One approach could be to merge these funds into a central organisation, subject to investment regulations roughly similar to those applicable to LIC.

Is The Worst Over

Is The Worst Over?
NISHTAR THE stock market continued to have an uneasy time last week, reflecting mainly anxiety over the recent developments on the Sikkim border. Equities moved up and down, depending on the border news. While stock exchange operators did not seem unduly perturbed by the Chinese firing and Peking's threat to use the air force, they were not inclined to share the Prime Minister's view that the recent clashes in the Nathu La area were just a 'local incident', With both bears and bulls reluctant to extend their commitments in a big way, the turnover last week was restricted and fluctuations were confined within a narrow range. Caution was the keynote of trading and the general tendency was rather subdued.

Record Groundnut Production

Record Groundnut Production Nishtar OILSEEDS and oil prices have risen quite substantially from the lowest levels recorded towards the end of August. Groundnut bold ready has come up from Rs 130 to Rs 159, castorseed ready from Rs 116 to Rs 124, castor futures (March) from Rs 104 to Rs 114 and cottonseed January from Rs 53 to Rs 65. Oil prices have improved by Rs 2 to Rs 6 per 10 kg with groundnut oil up from Rs 29 to Rs 35, cottonseed oil from Rs 23 to Rs 29, castor oil Commercial from Rs 25,75 to Rs 27.50 and linseed oil from Rs 35.50 to Rs 37. The current prices are, of course, well below the highest levels recorded early in the year, and the prices prevailing in August-September 1966 were very much higher

Castor Futures Scandal

Castor Futures Scandal Nishtar SCANDALOUS. Sounds very harsh, but the way the September contract in castorseed has been brought to a premature end is nothing short of it.


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