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Shakespeare in the Age of Populism

Tyrant: Shakespeare on Power by Stephen Greenblatt, London: Bodley Head, 2018; pp 224, `1,615.



Writings on the Wall

Wall art lends colour, humour, and dynamism to our politics, while reiterating our constitutional rights.

Why Does Mary Shelley’s Monster Still Haunt Us?

What is it that perpetuates Frankenstein’s undiminished fascination and abiding relevance on the bicentenary of its publication?

Blocked In by Words

Just as writers suffer from writer’s block, readers might well be burdened by “reader’s block” as they struggle between reading for pleasure and reading for purpose.

Their God Died Young

The Bohuroopis of rural Bengal are not just mendicants wandering in search of alms or offerings, they are in the business of “being god.”

The city-country divide

Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre was a movement that challenged the conventional norms of both city based theatre and folk theatre. His attempt was to bridge the city-country divide through an art form that had the potential to be transformative and subversive.

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