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Valuable Milch-Cow

the material principles of life. Besides, most of the migratory labour have yet to be incorporated into the faith, they continue to follow pagan rites.

Fudged Economics

Fudged Economics Nireekshak THE report of the Fact Finding Committee on Newspaper Economics is a comprehensive one, covering practically all aspects of the industry and is the most significant document on the Press after the Press Commission's report about 20 years ago. Though it is primarily a study of the economics of the industry in relation to revenues and costs, it has had to deal with what it calls certain parametric elements which have indirect effects on costs and revenues.

The Unwritten Chapter

The Unwritten Chapter Nireekshak UNANNOUNCED and unnoticed, be- cause both the management and the editorial staff seemed to have lost themselves in the Verghese affair, Hindustan Times completed its SO years late in 1974 The assistant editor, who had been working on a history of the paper to mark its golden jubilee, has reached a dead-end too

Decline of Press Conferences

It had seemed a sure bet that the Prime Minister woul d not hold her Press conference this year, if only to avoid embarrassing questions on a possible snap Lok Sabha poll, the Verghese affair and perhaps even the licence scandal. 

Privilege and Partisanship

Privilege and Partisanship Nireekshak ALMOST the entire Lok Sabha Press gallery got away with breach of privilege of the House this winter session, proving that there is strength in sheer numbers. The Speaker was inclined to look at it as a one-time exception and condone the lapse with the warning that it would not be allowed again, thereby underlining the pitfalls of parliamentary reporting.

Law, Public Interest and Politics

Trial in Kerala Mohit Sen THE September-1975 elections are slowly but surely becoming the focus of political life in Kerala. In particular, Namboodiripad is concentrating his personal and his party's efforts with single-minded ferocity on the aim of return to ministerial power. It is a pity that larger issues of social transformation have begun to recede.

Sick Newspapers Cure Worse Than Disease

Sick Newspapers: Cure Worse Than Disease Nireekshak CONCERN for employees who had gone without wages for 11 months

From Mission to Industry

November 23, 1974 ben themselves ask for it, and they should only ask if they think the threat, whether from inside or outside the region, is too great for the region's own resources to cope with.

The Quiet War

have added a new dimension to the desire for security in the West. While the East's desire for relaxation of tension may be attributed to the ever-increasing need for Western investments, the detente does not serve; the interests of the East European countries alone The socialist countries had been putting forward proposals for disarmament and economic co-operation with the West much before the latter had reached the high watermark of their economic boom. Now the crisis confronting the Western industrialised nations may provide a new prop to peace.


creased trust. The biggest cross on their backs has been that they have been mistrusted as supporters and sympathisers of foreign inspired causes. It has soured their relations with the local populations and magnified all other barriers between the two, such as the distinctiveness of Chinese culture, I he jealousy aroused by the greater prosperity achieved by the immigrant Chinese, and the resentment felt by the Chinese over the increasing restrictions to which they are subjected by local governments mistrustful of their economic power.

Who Dares Bite the Hand That Feeds

Who Dares Bite the Hand That Feeds?
Nireekshak BY both convention and pretension, the two English wire news agencies in India are said to be objective and not given to tendentious reporting. 'Tendentious', to go by the dictionary meaning, is: "having an underlying purpose, calculated to advance a cause". The bountiful government subsidies, which keep these agencies in business, may not be said to have compromised their objectivity. This is, indeed, one of the myths sedulously fostered for years in Indian journalism.

THE FOURTH ESTATE- By Privilege Possessed

By Privilege Possessed UNDER the rules of the game as laid down in Erskine May's "Parliamentary Practice," privilege like truth is a matter to be established by sheer weight of numbers


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