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Mandate for Reform in Iran

The decisive victory of the reformist Participation Front coalition headed by president Mohammed Khatami in the recent elections, particularly his popularity amongst the students has confirmed that Iran is heading towards positive and fundamental changes in its political and social life. It is also more open in its foreign relations, though the US has hardened its stand.

The United Nations and the Gulf Crisis

Ninan Koshy An analysis of the role of the United Nations in the Gulf crisis reveals that the UN took decisions which allowed a coalition headed by the US to wage war against Iraq. Soon after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the US president opted for the use of force, and the UN mandate authorising such use of force was sought after the US administration had decided upon a timetable for military action. From the very beginning, the US could manipulate the actions of the security council to attain US objectives.

A Landmark Verdict-Conviction for War Crimes

Wickremasinghe, (cemented after the elections by Fox the shrewd British undersecretary, to make the campaign for a change of constitution, required by the political package,) must remember that the LTTE is now further strengthened by the hatred towards the Sinhalese due to the hoisting of the national flag over Jaffna to signal the victory of the army over the LTTE. Prabhakaran still to be given the package and devolution proposals officially, when the discussions are over, is not likely to come to the negotiation table.

The United Nations, the US and Northern Iraq

Ninan Koshy The dominance of the US in the security council led to the interpretation and implementation of the resolution 688 according to the US objectives, and a clear manipulation of UN processes including post-facto legitimisation by the UN of US actions. The overriding motive behind the US intervention in Iraq was not assistance to the Kurds, but maintenance of the gains of the Gulf war and the assuagement of public opinion in the west WHILE it is generally agreed that the recent missile attacks by the US on Iraq are a flagrant violation both of international law and Iraqi sovereignty it isot often recognised that practically all US actions in northern Iraq since 1991 are in contravention of international norms. A close examination of US actions and UN resolutions will show that the US and its allies deliberately misinterpreted UN resolutions to suit their plans, manipulated UN processes to attain their objectives, took actions in the name of the UN without authorisation and managed to obtain subsequent legitimisation by the UN in some instances.

SUDAN-On Ending the Second Civil War

On Ending the Second Civil War Ninan Koshy If Sudan is to avoid another phase of internecine warfare and ethnic cleansing, peace initiative from countries constituting the horn of Africa needs to be given a chance.

Continuing Sanctions against Iraq

Ninan Koshy The 'information gap' regarding Iraq's weapons programme has been effectively used by the US to continue enforcement of sanctions against Iraq.

Sudan Opposition s Agenda

THE emergence of a consensus among major opposition forces in Sudan on self- determination as the key to peace has posed a serious challenge to the National Islamic Front regime. While the leadership given by the former prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi in championing the right to self- determination and building the consensus annoyed the government and led to his fifth detention since 1989 when the military overthrew his democratically elected go vernment his release at the end of August indicates the narrowing of options for the government. While there has been international pressure to release Sadiq al- Mahdi , the government is keen to see whether the consensus among the opposition parties on self-determination can be broken.

Social Development Summit-Abdication by UN

Abdication by UN Ninan Koshy WHlLE the ostensible objective of the World Social Development Summit was to address urgently 'profound social problems specially poverty, unemployment and social exclusion that affect every country' and 'to launch a new era of international co-operation between governments and between peoples', it was actually part of a process to redefine and restructure the United Nations to suit the interests of the west, particularly the US, in the post-cold war era.

Egypt s Troubles at Home and Signals Abroad

Signals Abroad WHILE the sabre-rattling by Egypt against Sudan, in the wake of the assassination attempt on president Mubarak, has been chiefly meant to whip up nationalistic fervour and divert attention from a deepening domestic crisis, there arc indications of a reorientation of Egypt's role in the region and consequent diplomatic initiatives.

Climbing Down the Golan Heights-Advantage to Syria

The improved military strength of Syria after the Gulf war has put it in a better bargaining position vis-a-vis Israel and the US who, in view of the forthcoming general elections, are under pressure to take a definite stand on the issue of the Golan Heights.

New US Policy on Jerusalem

The Clinton administration, it is clean has accepted the position that the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem, are 'in dispute'. The distinction between 'disputed' and 'occupied' is of great significance because if the territories are not occupied then the UN resolutions calling for withdrawal lose their urgency and even relevance.

Crossing the Century without the New Helmsman

Whatever be the final verdict of history on Deng, his achievement in leading China decisively from its intermittent isolation to the prominent place it now occupies on the international stage is remarkable.


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