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Apartheid Is Dead Long Live Apartheid

Apartheid! Nigel Harris The legal scaffolding of apartheid has been abruptly removed after 40 years and more of construction, leaving the underlying pattern of extreme social inequality intact But few have begun to face up to the costs of real social change.

CHINA- Export-Led Market Capitalism

would decide on who would be the dalit representatives. But by agreeing to proportionate representation for dalits Gandhi was admitting that there were divisions among Hindus which should have a bearing on the political structure. Though he said about separate electorates that it "will create a division in Hinduism", he was in effect accepting that this division was not being created by the provision of separate electorates. Gandhi's objective clearly was to maintain an upper caste hegemony over the whole Hindu community.


Writing about Hindu-Muslim Riots in India Today Gyanendra Pandey The dominant nationalist historiography that insists on the totalising standpoint of a seamless nationalism needs to be challenged not only because of its interested use of categories such as 'national' and 'secular' but also because of its privileging of the so-called 'general' over the particular, the larger over the smaller, the 'mainstream' over the 'marginal

Free International Movement of Labour

of Labour Nigel Harris IT would be a pity if a note in one of the speeches of the Indian minister of commerce to trade ministers at the Uruguay Round got lost in the collapse of the GATT talks. It perhaps signalled the rapidly arriving time when the comparative advantage in labour supply comes decisively to favour developing countries.

Rip Van Winkle in China

Nigel Harris What is emerging in China is not Bukharin and NER Then the centrally controlled sector of the economy dominated the national economy and foreign trade was a tight monopoly of the centre. This is a Proudhonian economy, a mass of independent enterprises and authorities, curbed by a market.

The Bank s China

The Bank's China Nigel Harris China: Socialist Economic Development, The Main Report;1 East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, World Bank, June, 1981.

Settlements, People and Jobs

Nigel Harris As a result of the unprecedented growth of the world economy since the Second World War, there has been a systematic increase in the expectation of life at birth and in the general health status. This achievement has, however, been interpreted as a catastrophe: The system's capacity to employ, let alone house, the people it has ensured stay alive has been shrinking.


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