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PERU-Emerging from Crisis

Emerging from Crisis Nigel Harris The reform government of Alberto Fujimori has succeeded in radically restoring domestic security and economic growth of Peru. Nevertheless, this has been at the cost of an inert civil society and over-concentration of power in the person of the president FOR up to 10,000 years roughly as long as anywhere else in the world cultures of great diversity and sophistication have flourished on the three strips of territory, north to south coastal desert (with oases), the mountains (the sierra) and the jungle (the selva) the bulk of which came to form modern Peru. The most famous material employed in the more modern of those cultures was gold, and gold is a symbol of an immense wealth of raw materials in the country. Some have called them 'gifts of the devil' because they have allowed, they say, growth without development, or a development for the mass of the population well below those countries with nothing but intelligence and aptitude as a resource.

Preferring the Lie

China's Rise, Russia's Fall: Politics, Economics and Planning in the Transition from Stalinism by Peter Nolan; Macmillan Press, Basingstoke, UK and St Martin's Press, New York, 1995; pp 360 + bibliography.

ITALY-A Different Style

thousands of miners and teachers and other social categories that went on strike because they didn't receive their miserly subsistence wages provide the answer.

Structural Adjustment on the Baltic

Structural Adjustment on the Baltic Hard hit by the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the economies of the three Baltic republics are recovering at a slow pace amidst social dislocation faced by their populace.

Structural Adjustment and Romania

Nigel Harris THE cast European economies are very different and becoming increasingly so. Although they are customarily divided between the Viscgrad group (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) where reform is supposedly well advanced, and three others where it is not (Romania, Bulgaria and Albania), in fact the differences are much greater between Hungary, with a long-standing reform programme at one extreme and Albania at the other. Hungary, superficially, seems hardly much different from its neighbour, Austria, even thouglVon the absurd official figures, its per capita income is only 15 per cent of Austria's. Romania, by contrast, is clearly a developing country.

Forms of Compulsion

Riding the Tiger: The Politics of Economic Reform in Post-Mao China by Gordon White; Macmillan, London, 1993. Slaughter of the Innocents: Coercive Birth Control in China by John S Aird; AEI Press, Washington, DC, 1990.

Mexico s Tiananmen Square

Nigel Harris The Chiapas events have been an earthquake in the Mexican Political landscape. They may force the process of political reform which has so often been the step-child of the system.

Economic Fusion, Political Fission

and number of educational institutions of higher learning a leader or a community controlled in the area. These institutions came to be perceived as an integral part of a flourishing business enterprise. For Karnataka politicians it did not take much time to see the possibilities in professional education as a free market enterprise.

Land-Use in Bombay

Land-Use in Bombay Nigel Harris SHIRISH PATELs article 'A Second Financial Centre for Bombay: Where Should It Be?' (EPW, August 7-14, 1993) raised some important issues for the future of Bombay, and his stimulating discussion goes to the heart of many of the problems concerning the interaction between public authorities and private markets, an issue of increasing importance in the light of national economic reform. However, while he argues well for his particular proposal, he does not confront the underlying issue: the appropriateness of government trying to guess the best distribution of activity and then using its powers directly to achieve this. The alternative process-now most fashionable and underlying the union government's reform programme-is for the government, while protecting some basic facilities, to seek to establish a framework that reflects real costs and benefits to India so that thousands of private operators will be obliged to make decisions in that interest. The Indian tradition, like that elsewhere, is heavily for the first option, yet the waste involved in this is everywhere apparent, and the waste is paid for by the mass of Indians, including those whom Shirish Patel seeks to defend. At the moment, the framework impels rational developers of land to behave, from the viewpoint of the best use of India's resources, irrationally-thus obliging further government intervention to set matters right, but creating yet further problems.

Tibet and Empire

Nigel Harris After 34 years of occupation, there is more openly-expressed hostility to Beijing in Tibet than ever before. TIBET may be going to be as disastrous for China as Kashmir has been and continues to be for India. The threat is still only a small cloud in the distant sky, but too often in our times, these small clouds become typhoons.

Single Europe and the Third World

Single Europe and the Third World Nigel Harris The 1992 Single European Market and the Third World edited by Sandro Sideri and Jayshree Sengupta; European Association of Development Research and Training Institutions, Book Series 13, Frank Cass, London, 1992; pp 228 (no index).

Vietnam Old Men Remember

Nigel Harris Vietnam has not just forgotten the war; it has positively rejected what it was supposedly defending. YOU would think it must be a land of ghosts.forever mourning that the bravest, the cleverest and the most beautiful are dead: all that was finest has been lost. There was one press photograph that summarised the horror of the Vietnam war


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