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Britain's Superblair

Europeans are becoming mightily suspicious that Tony Blair in his new guise is exploiting his relationship with Washington to define European policy and the stance of Europe's armies. And he may have few friends left at home in the event of the collapse of the current US policy in Afghanistan.

China : The Old Order Changes

With ever increasing linkages to the global economy, China is beset by the dilemma of decentralisation. Gradual devolution of power to the provinces and the localities, once seen as an avenue to build up power, now appear as a chaotic mesh of competing markets. The challenge must be to bring on re-centralisation; at the same time, new forces need a secure base to help strengthen China's claims as a global power.

Palestine : Collapse of Peace Process

The collapse of the peace process has painfully exposed the fact that the demand for an independent state of Palestine has become utopian. Even if it could be accomplished as a formality, it would in reality be no more than a set of Bantustans, manipulated entirely by the Israeli Defence Forces and the Israeli state. And the problem of how Israel can swallow the Occupied Territories without a fatal attack of indigestion that wrecks Israel at large immediately raises 1948 all over again.

Russia: Crashing into the Modern World

Stripping off the Soviet packaging has revealed startling continuities with old Tsarism, not least in agriculture. In the larger cities, however, the new economy is beginning to emerge.

Colombia : Sliding into Civil War

The multiple wars of Colombia float on narcotic revenues, most of which go to the sellers in North America and Europe, but enough is repatriated to keep the armies going without much recourse to creating a popular and taxable base.

Chinese Workers in Israel

Chinese workers in Israel, brought in to meet the labour shortage caused by the Israeli government's refusal to allow Palestinians to cross the border to work in Israel, have charged Chinese labour agencies with expropriating large parts of wage payments made to them by Israeli employers and are refusing to return home for fear of harassment and prosecution. A bizarre situation created by a government which sees the citizen's work as its own property, to be hired out and taxed at will.

Japan: From the Other Side of the Hill

Japan, which seemed to have mastered the magic of rapid growth, is now super-developed but stagnating, the old sinews of nationalism decaying. This is not merely a matter of a pendulum swing. Japan is qualitatively changing and profoundly so. Even with reform and a restoration of growth, it is going to be very difficult to manage the process - requiring a much expanded immigration of young workers and emigration of an increasing part of what in the current Japanese economy is moveable (like manufacturing). In sum, not just the restoration of growth, but the completion of the stalled process of Japanese globalisation.

Vietnam Back at the Beginning

Nigel Harris It is all too much to understand: why so much blood needed to be spilt, so many young people cut down, to arrive in the end back at the beginning, the chaotic market, the values of the quick deal and the fast buck. It is difficult to fit together the two worlds, Vietnam in

On the Question of the State

On the Question of the State Nigel Harris The World Bank's World Development Report 1997 on 'The State in a Changing World' shows little understanding of real governments, historical or contemporary, and beneath the surface technical clarity is a moral vacuum inhabited by propositions about society and government which no half-serious study could tolerate.

LEBANON- There Is Life after Death

The 1960s were the time of liberation, the Beatles and Carnaby Street and golden Beirut. But the long dark night that followed turned Lebanon into every country's nightmare. Yet astonishingly, life returns, apparently unmarked. What does the future hold for Lebanon trapped between the samurai to the south and the east, two outside players with troops to back their words, Israel and Syria, and a persisting boom as embodied in the tight labour market?

Hidden World of Narcotics

north-east, it has done little to improve understanding and communication among the different ethnic groups of the region. For whom and what, then, this pursuit of knowledge?


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