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Soviet Union Socialist, Revisionist or Capitalist

January 15, 1977 sation in the Rhodesian forces and there are both 'overtures' and warnings to blacks in the Rhodesian army from the nationalists. It is well known that South Africa put pressure on Rhodesia to get Ian Smith to the Conference table. This included the denial of ammunition and fuel supplies to the security forces. There was also planned inhibition of Rhodesia's export and import traffic. But once the Conference began South Africa eased pressure, and this accounted for the intensification of attacks on the nationalists in Mozambique by the Rhodesian forces. Further steps by South Africa will depend partly on the assessment it makes of the Carter administration which has stated that in Southern Africa it will follow an 'aggressive policy for peace', in spite of the obvious contest for, leadership among the African nationalists there was a common approach among them to several of the questions that came up at the Geneva Conference. It was unfortunate that efforts were not pursued to strengthen that common approach and through that process try to reconcile some of the differences. Both on the question of the date of independence and the structure of the interim government the various African delegations had more or less similar views while their differences over the molalities of the formation of the interim government reflected their assessment of their respective political strength, It is evident that any interim government will have to ensure the support and participation of all the major nationalist groups to ensure that factionalism does not develop to dangerous proportions. It is this underlying common approach among the African nationalists

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