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Lok Sabha Elections in Assam

Assam has witnessed a tectonic shift in its electoral politics in the parliamentary elections with the Bharatiya Janata Party emerging as the strongest party, stitching together a support base which encompasses different social groups. This article analyses some of the reasons for the BJP's rise and points out the possible consequences.

Politics of Space and Violence in Bodoland

Ethnic conflicts in Assam have occurred often but the Bodoland conflict of 2012 has polarised the local community and immigrant Muslims more sharply than before. Bodos and the non-Bodo indigenous people, who were fighting with each other for space and identity till 1998, have arrived at a tactical alliance. The crisis in Bodoland is a reflection of the abdication of responsibility by the Indian state. It has failed to address the structural issues that confront the indigenous tribes (the Bodos), like the encroachment of their land. It has also failed to address the multicultural, multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic composite culture of the region.

Assam: Politics of Peace-Making

The basic philosophy of the state ? to wage a once and for all battle against ULFA after which Assam would experience permanent peace ? is problematic. In reality, so long as the core structural issues that provide legitimacy to militant movements are not addressed, militancy will emerge again and again regardless of how many agreements the government signs with the rebel groups of the north-east.

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