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Delaying the First Pregnancy: A Survey in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Bangladesh

Childbearing in adolescence, a common practice in south Asia, can adversely affect the health of both mother and child. This qualitative study was conducted in three sites in India and Bangladesh where low birth weight is prevalent to explore the ability of newly-weds to negotiate the timing of their first pregnancy. The pattern in each site generally reflected prevailing social views on contraception, childbearing and couple communication.

Whose Mistake? Gender Roles and Physical Violence among Young Married Women

Young married women in India experience physical violence at the hands of their husbands. This study, based on a survey in Maharashtra, aims to provide contextual information on gender roles, household and family dynamics, and the occurrence of physical violence. Qualitative data from two low-income settings indicate two patterns of initiation of physical violence in young married women: within six months of marriage and after the birth of the first child. Varying gender role expectations by the in-laws determined whether the marital household was stringent or flexible.

Primary Healthcare in Urban Slums

A look at the poor status of healthcare for urban slums in Maharashtra, and the differences between rural and urban areas of the state in terms of delivery of healthcare services.

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