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Atlantic Gandhi, Caribbean Gandhian

Gandhi used his experience with the scattered migrants of the Indian diaspora in South Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere to partly construct the nationalist doctrine that he later brought to India. The forging of what has been called the "revolutionary Atlantic" proletariat where Indians could have bonded with other exploited races in a militant consciousness across ethnic and national divisions was not part of Gandhi's resistance, indeed it was impeded by it. However, Gandhi's focus on the diaspora had an impact on Caribbean societies, through the agency of another migrant transnational from the other side of the fence, the English clergyman, C F Andrews.

Colonial Voyages

The First Crossing Being the Diary of Theophilus Richmond, Ship’s Surgeon Aboard the Hesperus, 1837-38, edited by David Dabydeen, Jonathan Morley, Brinsley Samaroo, Amir Wahab and Brigid Wells (Coventry: The Derek Walcott Press), 2007; pp 175, price not mentioned. 

Post-Industrial Calibans

Post-Industrial Calibans?
Nalini Natarajan In the Puerto Rican discourses of colonialism, both work and the machine emerge as primary terrains around which the colonial psychic struggle is waged. Industrialism becomes a model for realised, normative adulthood, while the Puerto Rican peasants' resistance to the internalisation of industrial work regime gets stereotyped as the 'primitive', the 'criminal', the 'infantile' and the 'feminine'.

American Colonialism and Puerto Rican Criminality

American Colonialism and Puerto Rican 'Criminality' Maria Milagros Lopez Nalini Natarajan 'Subject People' and Colonial Discourses: Economic Transformation and Social Disorder in Puerto Rico, 1898-1947 by Kelvin Santiago-Valles; Suny Press, Albany, 1994.

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