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Development through Dismemberment of the Weak

The Kalinga Nagar incident at Orissa is a warning to all projects such as the proposed Polavaram project in Andhra Pradesh that will displace about 1,20,000 people. This article critically analyses different projects in AP, with a special emphasis on Polavaram, for which the state government has not declared any resettlement and rehabilitation policy.

Sword of Damocles over Tribal People of Andhra Pradesh

People of Andhra Pradesh N Subba Reddy It is necessary to delve into the intentions of the Andhra Pradesh government in wanting to allow free sale of land among non- tribals within the tribal tracts.

Depriving Tribals of Land-Andhra Move to Amend Land Transfer Laws

Depriving Tribals of Land Andhra Move to Amend Land Transfer Laws THE Constitution of India provides several safeguards for the tribals. Yet ironically after nearly 40 years of so-called planned development in the country, a large number of tribals have to live under constant threat from several quarters. What the government of Andhra Pradesh is now proposing to do amounts to setting the clock in the reverse motion and taking the state backward by several decades. Whereas a regulation currently in force prohibits all land transactions in scheduled areas by the non-tribals unless they are in the form of transfers to the tribals or to the government, and provides for the eviction of non-tribals from lands un- authorisedly occupied by them, the government is now proposing to remove these restrictions on the non-tribals.

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