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Some Characteristics of Jute Industry Workers in Greater Calcutta

in Greater Calcutta Introduction WE present here some results obtained through a sample survey of industrial workers in the Greater Calcutta area conducted by the Economic Research Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, between October 1969 and April 1970. The present communication is concerned with the 548 jute industry workers found in a total sample of 1,891 workers.1 The geographical coverage is the Calcutta Metropolitan District (MD) as defined by the Calcutta Metropolitan Planning Organisation (CMPO). Only workers resident in this area were considered in the sampling process, so that those working in this area but residing outside of it were not considered. The sample was drawn in a probabilistic manner. In fact, we examined all the relevant filled-up household schedules of the urban labour force enquiry (Schedule 10) of the 22nd round of the National Sample Survey (July 1967-June 1968) and selected every industrial worker belonging to these households.2 The sample design was self-weighting, so that unweighted sample proportions and averages could be taken as estimates of corresponding population values.

Farm Size and Productivity- A Fresh Look

This paper attempts to examine disaggregated farm management data for individual farms, separately for each sample village, and to apply rigorous tests for the correlation between farm size and gross value of output per acre.

Consumer Prices and Per Capita Household Consumption in Rural India-Variation between States

Consumer Prices and Per Capita Household Consumption in Rural India Variation between States N Bhattacharya G S Chatterjee Budget data collected in the 18th round of the NSS has been utilised for constructing indices of consumer price variation among the rural areas of the different states of India. Consumer price indices, computed to compare the price level in each state with that in rural India as a whole, are also employed to compare the average per capita total household expenditure in the different states at rural India prices.

Rural-Urban Differentials in Consumer Prices

G S Chatterjee N Bhattacharya This paper examines urban-rural differentials in consumer prices utilising the National Sample Survey 18th Round (February 1963-January 1964) household budget data for estimating the weighting diagram and the itemwise average prices.

Consumer Behaviour in India-An Application of the Linear Expenditure System

In two articles in The Economic Weekly' Ashok Rudra (November 7, 1964) and Ashok Rudra and Pushpam Paul (November 28, 1964) applied the simplest form of linear expenditure system to some time-series data on domestic consumption in India. Income elasticities obtained thus were very different from the usually accepted cross-section elasticities from the National Sample Survey (NSS); and the elasticities of necessaries (like foodgrains) and of luxuries were much closer to unity.

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