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Tribal Women's Perspective on the Land Acquisition Bill

The Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011 views all social and economic forms of organisation in the country as a homogeneous whole, ignoring the differences within rural areas and in tribal societies. Especially in the latter, not only is the overall perception of resources like land distinct from non-tribal areas but even the role of women is much more dominant both inside and outside the home. In giving emphasis to cash rather than land as compensation and zeroing in on the male as the head of the household among other provisions, the Bill lays the groundwork for the destruction of these societies.

Lack of Linkages

In the article ‘Understanding Economic Growth in India: A Prerequisite’, Pulapre Balakrishnan and M Parameswaran (epw, July 14) have suggestively used “engine” as a process describing economic growth.

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