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The Tata Engineering and Locomotive

Among other things, he said: "Much is being made of the widespread, nearly mandatory use by modern economist theorists of modern mathematics. To the extent to which the economic phenomena possess observable qualitative dimensions, this is undoubtedly a' major forward step. Uni- fortunately, any one capable of learning elementary, or preferably advanced calculus and algebra, and acquiring acquaintance with the specialised terminology of economics can set himself up as a theorist Uncritical enthusiasm for mathematical formulation tends often to conceal the ephemeral content of the argument behind the formidable front of algebraic signs'' References [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7) [8] [1] "Factors Affecting Money Sup[9] ply: Critical Evaluation of Reserve Bank's Analysis", Suraj B Gupta, EPW, January 24, 1976. "Money Supply Analysis: Further Comments" by Shetty, Ava- dhani and Menon EPW, April

The Tata Engineering and Locomotive

The Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited Statement of the Chairman, Mr S Moolgaokar, for the Year 1975-76 DURING the year under review, despite the recession in the automobile industry, your Company was able to continue its steady growth and to further strengthen its position in the market. In sales, production and exports we achieved the highest ever figures. We produced a record 100 per cent of the installed capacity and rolled out 3,500 more vehicles than in the previous year. Thanks to the marked customer affection for our product, we had no difficulty in selling every single vehicle that we pro-duced. Last year our exports reached Rs 15.6 crores; this year we expect to improve upon this even further. Your Qnupmy thus continues, for many years now, to be the highest exporter in the engineering industry.

FROM THE CHAIR- Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co Ltd-Statement of the Chairman, Mr S Moolgaokar

with the threatened opposition-led civil disobedience movement on April 21. Politically, the ruling united front of the Communist Party (CP), Lanka Sama Samaj Party (LSSP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) is in great disarray. Along with the dissensions in the united front, each one of its constituent parties is ridden with deep internal divisions. Even Sirimavo Ban- daranaike's SLFP is heading towards an open left-right' division. The entry ol Sirimavo Bandaranaike's daughter and son-in-law, Sunethra and Kumara Ru- pasinghe, into the thick of Sri Lanka's polities in 1972 initiated and activised such a division in the SLEP. They are alleged to have mobilised the'left' and the 'young' within the party under their leadership. Furthermore, early this year, the opposition, led by the United National Party chief, J R Jaye- wardena. warned the nation through a calling attention motion in parliament, that a military coup was in the oiling. He alleged that the aim of the coup was to demolish Sri Lanka's democratic structure and establish a dictatorship under Sirimavo Bandaranaike's nominal leadership. Indirect accusations were made about Sunethra and Kumara Rupasiaghe being the authors of the coup plan, It is not without significance that some of the 'rightist' SLFP MPs quietly sympathised with the opposition's attack on the government in general and Sirimavo Bandaranaike in particular.

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