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director, while commenting on the current year's working at the annual meeting ?
What could be the real motive behind the press statement ? The tail end of the statement may provide the clue : "If additional relief in excise duty is not granted to smaller units, it may not be possible for smaller units to continue giving yarn to weavers and for export at present concessional rates". The management's real object thus seems to have been to pressurise Government by holding out a threat of stoppage of supplies to weavers and exporters. Rather building up production in the manner required, and a great part of the loss of production in your factory can be ascribed to circumstances over which the company had no control. Apart from rises in cost of materials, shortfall of production has been the major factor responsible for the poor showing.

Sen-Raleigh Limited

details and the price of supply. Whereas the technical details have been settled to mutual satisfaction, no agreement on price could be reached. The present difference is large and it is difficult to bridge it. If the price issue could be satisfactorily settled and at an economic level it would give welcome relief to the wagon builders. This would provide a load for capacity rendered partially Idle by the paucity of railway orders. DURGAPUR AND FARAKKA The production of the foundry at Durgapur has steadily improved but I am afraid it will run out of work in a few months' time. We have perforce to consider its future.

Sen-Raleigh Limited

of Shriram Fertilisers and Chemicals has contributed an interesting and very useful paper on "Hydrochloric Acid Process for Manufacture of Phosphoric Acid", in the March 1967 issue of the Indian Chemical Manufacturer. He has described the process in outline and has shown that phosphoric acid of 80-95 per cent purity (58-69 per cent P2 Os) can be produced by using hydrochloric acid instead of sulphuric acid, and the comparison of cost per ton of P 2 O 5 in phosphoric acid shown that the HCl-based process is cheaper than the H2SO-rbaed process.

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