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Manikrao Palodkar, MP and Vice-President of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress and Rafiq Zakaria, Minister for Urban Development, has tried to link the students' agitation with the demand that the next chief Minister of the state be chosen from Marathwada. What is being suggested is that the movement is inspired by Shankarrao Chavan to promote his claim to the chief ministership.

Emergence of Regional Forces

MR THE shouting and the sunshine have been restored to the hearts of all those traifickiug in public credulity. But, in fact, the Congress showing at the inini- gemcral elections, covering a fifth of the population, was neither sweeping nor spectacular; it Jailed to win even a bare majority in three of the four legislative assemblies it tried to capture with the help of the CIT or the Con- gress(O). But in Uttar Pradesh it won a victory of sorts. The victory might not be convincing because the majority is wafer-thin and the Congress had 271 members in the out-going Assembly, albeit a third of them defectors. The 1969 tally had been only 211 and the party had split since. Vet the UP verdict is claimed to be conclusive because the Congress has a house majority of its own fur the first time since 1962.

JAKARTA-Neo-Colonially Induced Stability

CPM, are leading workers down the path of ultra-legality, the locomen have shown what workers really want and what they are capable of.
The government's agreeing to negotiate with the AILRSA is a belated recognition of the fact that the authority of the recognised railway unions has been completely eroded. This situation exists not only among the loco staff but among all sections of railway workers. The government has so far denied recognition to the category-wise unions of railway workers on the ground that this would result in complete chaos in the railways. But chaos is much more likely to result from the government clinging to the myth that the recognised unions have the support of the workers.

ECAFE-New Brooms Sweep Clean

paid workers and nothing for the better paid. Even though a parallel freeze has been Imposed on prices, they have crept up three per cent since the imposition of the freeze without the government being able to do anything about it. Not that it cares. In all their anti-worker propaganda, the newspapers and surveys have failed to mention that the top fifty firms in Britain last year made a record average profit of

TELENGANA- The Mulki Award and After

technological breakthrough in oilseeds cultivation, India will have to live with oilseeds shortages for many more years to come. What the oilseeds trade and industry and the government have therefore to consider seriously is the develop- ment of suitable institutional strategics both for promoting exports of various oilseeds products and for channelling imports of edible oilseeds and oils in a more orderly and economic manner. One way to achieve this would be to set up a separate, autonomous and unified Oilseeds Export and Import Corporation, of the oilseeds trade and industry, to transact export and import business in oilseeds, oilseeds products, and allied commodities. The Corporation should also have on its management, representatives of the government to facilitate it to work in close unison with the different government departments and organisations concerned with oilseeds production, trade, and industry, so that wider, social and public purposes are not lost sight of in the pursuit of private self-interest.

Bureaucracy and Land Reform

September 30, 1972 vast majority of the population are focused upon the serious drought situation which is even more severe than in the past two years and upon the steep rise in the prices of essential commodities. Whether it be adequate and equitably distributed relief or the opening of more official retail outlets for the distribution of not only foodgrains but also other essential com modities, nothing much would happen if there is no energetic mass action and intervention. Agitation and action are essential if the burden of the present crisis is not to be passed on to toil-bent backs. This is their indispensable value whatever certain very worthy and energetic leaders might aver. And this is already happening in awakening Andhra.

The Naxalite-Sarvodaya Syndrome-The Patnaik Case

The Naxalite-Sarvodaya Syndrome The Patnaik Case MR ACHARYA Vinoba Bhave's bhoodan (land gift) campaign, launched over 20 years ago from Pochampalli village in former Hyderabad state, was the Gan- dhian answer to the communist challenge that had taken the form of armed struggle linked to an agrarian programme in Telengana. Land was the key issue in the struggle. Cominform intervention forced an end to the armed struggle and CPI settled for peaceful constitutionalism in 1951. Bhoodan has since been part of the Sarvodaya movement, which functions outside the spectrum of parliamentary politics and seeks to achieve through change of heart what legislation cannot achieve. By Sarvodaya norms, even legislation is violence.

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