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Modern Business Organisation and Labour Administration-Specific Adaptations to Indian Conditions of Risk and Uncertainty 1850-1947

An analysis formulated in terms of risk and uncertainty, it is argued in this paper, promises to explain the dominant features of modern South Asian development very well, certainly much better than when we depend on those hackneyed and frail dei ex machina

NeededA New Famine Policy

Morris David Morris The objective of famine policy should not be to preserve the stock of assets or even the level of income. The 'trigger' should respond only when consumption falls below some given level of calorie intake.

What Is a Famine

The theme of this essay is that greater and more sober attention to the weather cycle, both contemporary and historical, will yield rich rewards in the form of more regularly successful development policies.

New Data on Cotton Mill Workers of Bombay

For many years the Bombay City cotton textile industry has been a favourite meadow for academic browsing. The importance of the industry is one factor accounting for this interest. Another is the fact that Bombay University is a degree-granting institution with a great need for topics for MA and PhD dissertations. Not least in the array of features accounting for academic preoccupation wit h the industry is the fact that probably no other Indian industry has been as well-served for so long with documentation and statistical material. For this last characteristic we are primarily indebted to the Millowners' Association, Bombay whose annual reports, memoranda to official bodies and miscellaneous publications have been a major source of information. 

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