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SOUTH-Decisive Economic Factors

fixed after taking the cost of inputs into account. Higher procurement prices in the coming season are therefore considered certain. And to that extent, the farmers' lobby has scored a point Meanwhile, the reported fall in the per acre yield of wheat has been causing concern. Punjab's Development Minister, Rattan Singh, claims that experiments on Ludhiana farms (which in recent years have shown a record wheat output) suggest no fall in yields. 'Progressive' fanners, however, have contended that, owing to the failure of the authorities to supply the right type of seeds in time, there has been a fall in the per acre yield of wheat. Renewal of even the best variety of seeds is necessary after every three years. This has not been done at most places. Consequently, the yield has not been commensurate with the increase in wheat acreage. Fears are also being expressed of rapid soil impoverishment following the exhaustion of its nutrients. The Green Revolution, it is argued, stands threatened.

SOUTH-Behind the Dindigul Debate

 A few days back, the Congress MLA from this area had been attacked in broad daylight. The MLA belongs to a faction opposed to that of the present victim. On April 26, two local leaders of the Congress youth were produced before the Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate on charges of rioting with deadly weapons and attempts to murder during an intra-party clash in North- West Calcutta.

SOUTH-Sagging Separatism

 SOUTH Sagging Separatism Mohit Sen THE separatist storm in some of the districts of Andhra has lost its fury, and the separatists are now hoping that what they race is only a lull

SOUTH-The Counter-Offensive

resulted in a backdoor devaluation of the rupee below its pre-Smithsonian parity of Rs 7.50 per dollar. The official parity of the rupee is buttressed through various devices like subsidies and concessions for exports. In the circumstances, the chances of the rupee getting upvalued are practically nil. In fact, one may and say that in reacting to any changes in the parities of the world's major currencies it ought to be the objective of government policy to see that the rupee docs not get upvalued against any of these currencies. It was perhaps due to a belated realisation of this basic truth that the decision to continue to link the rupee to the pound sterling at the current central rate as well as the spot rate was announced. Though the new rates would show a revaluation of the rupee

SOUTH-Andhra Continues

January 13, 1973 is the new all-India strategy of the Right, i e, of the neocolonialist-monopo- list combine. Ever since 1967, they have been wanting outright political power as a reflex of their economic strength as well as uneasiness concerning the possibility of a Left shift through the Centrist democratic manoeuvring. After 1971, when a direct challenge to New Delhi is not immediately a feasible proposition, they have begun the nibbling process at the level of the states. It was no slip of the pen which led J R D Tata to write in his Memorandum that his plan of joint sector would be best suited for operation in the states. Naval Tata repeated the idea recently in Bhopal. And a conclave of tycoons in Delhi decided to get their joint sector idea through first with a number of state governments, after which they together could pressurise the Centre, In the meantime, the landlords have found that in the context of the growth of mass radicalisation even the diluted land reform bills that are being passed would result in the curbing of their economic and political power. Above all, the example of Kerala haunts them.

SOUTH-Line-Up for By-Elections

SOUTH Line-Up for By-Elections Mohit Sen IN the coming weeks there is going to be a sharp step-up in the activities of political parties in Kerala. Three by- elections are due on January 22

SOUTH-Showdown in Andhra

December 23, 1972 and steel processes is a mystery shrouded in sharp practices. This is the time for a long-pause and reflection before flushing Rs 350 crores down the Cauvery. Perhaps, Durga Prasad Dhar should take a detailed look, with his distant Kashmiri objectivity, before . Tamil and Bengali politicians separately weld a strong stainless steel case to waste Rs 500 crores.

SOUTH-Tamil Nadu s Turbulence

November 25, 1972 SOUTH Tamil Nadu's Turbulence Mohit Sen ANYBODY who witnessed the oceanic

SOUTH- Mulki or Andhra

comprehensive but interrelated studies could then be financed relatively by small contributions by each of the individual firms involved. Apart from this, the developmental institutions concerned could lake the lead in guiding small- scale units in obtaining the right type; of consultancy services from the right consultancy firms.

SOUTH-Advances in Kerala

over into Haryana. In the event, a good part of Ludhiaim's famous hosiery industry is threatening to shift to relatively peaceful Haryana. The seizure from various centres of 'rags' worth crores of rupees

SOUTH-Tamil Nadu Tantrums

Tamil Nadu Tantrums Mohit Sen THEY are certainly melodramatic, these events, in Tamil Nadu. When M G Ramachandran publicly denounces many unnamed DMK leaders and demands that they declare their assets, many of his victims are getting ready to ask: what about tax arrears? And, if corruption is to be eradicated, what about the film star's way of making enormous fortunes? But it is, of course, equally absurd on the part of Karunanidhi to stand forth as the custodian of party discipline when everybody knows what kind of discipline he himself observes in his role as the appointed and annointed successor of Annadorai.

SOUTH-Tremors in Andhra

desired effect because of "regulatory constraints on the installation of capital equipment and machinery". Is the activation of selected units in the private sector the nub of the problem of low growth of industrial output?


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