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SOUTH-Tamil Nadu after Kamaraj

October 18, 1975 lease of funds from the Centre has been halting. The project was estimated to cost Rs 40.47 crores in 1958. The first revised estimates in 1965 pushed up costs to Rs 119.20 crores. The second revised estimates in 1972 put them at Rs 183.36 crores. On the basis of the first estimates, the Planning Commission in 1961 sanctioned Rs 42.03 crores for the project

SOUTH-Tamil Nadu s Uncertainties

Tamil Nadu's Uncertainties Mohit Sen THE alignment of political forces in Tamil Nadu continues to be in a state of suspense and is surrounded by uncertainty. This became very obvious in the course of JP's visit to the state which was part of his somewhat ill- starred tour of southern India.

SOUTH-Kerala Prepares

NORTH Where Spirits Command BOOTLEGGERS have been known to prosper in states where prohibition is partially or fully enforced, or even where the demand for liquor far outstrips its supply. But,-in Punjab, over the past few months, even as licenees for liquor shops have been, most liberally granted and large breweries have been set up with foreign collaboration, there have been disclosures that moon- shining has been depriving the Punjab government of Rs 75-80 crores annually and that the business of illicit distillation continues to flourish despite the easy availability of 'official' liquor. Since Punjab means 'the land of five rivers', a gaint official boarding near Ludhiana recently announced the state's 'sixth river"

SOUTH- JP in Andhra

this without a full enquiry has to be established Thakur's resignation was obviously secured only to stall justice from taking its due course. A reprieve in the form of 'resignation' has, indeed, become the way of life in Madhya Pradesh.

SOUTH-New Trends in Andhra

New Trends in Andhra Mohit Sen THERE are now all the signs that Andhra Pradesh is moving towards a new stage of its political evolution. At the heart of this is the recovery of the Communist movement in the state and the development of the real perspective that in a short period it would again tonic to occupy the place that it had won in the state's politics till the middle fifties. It will be recalled that at that time it had become one of the decisive, political forces capable of crucially influencing developments in the state. It lost that position as a result of bitter inner conflict culminating in a split that divided the movement in the state fairly equally. A decade has passed since then and thenare the twin signs of a certain reunification of the Communist movement as well as the drawing in of new sections into it, especially among the youth and the agricultural labourers.

SOUTH- Trial in Kerala

Trial in Kerala Mohit Sen THE September-1975 elections are slowly but surely becoming the focus of political life in Kerala. In particular, Namboodiripad is concentrating his personal and his party's efforts with single-minded ferocity on the aim of return to ministerial power. It is a pity that larger issues of social transformation have begun to recede.

SOUTH- What of Andhra

November, 23, 1974 SOUTH What of Andhra?
GOING about this state one is quite likely to get the impression that the days of storm are over and that it has become again a quiet area. And this surface impression is not altogether false. Certainly the state is settling down after all those days when its very existence was in the balance. But certain important changes are taking place, which surface here and there and which require a certain sensitive partisanship to spot.

SOUTH-Twists in Tamil Nadu

November 2, 1974 NORTH Opportunistic Swings in Food Policy ON October 22, the Punjab government at last announced its decision, after 'clearance' from the Centre, to resume the wholesale trade in wheat. The resumption has come after a six-month interval, however, during which the private traders fully exploited the relaxation of curbs on their activity. The drastic reduction in permissible stocks of non-levy wheat with traders from 2,500 quintals to a 100 quintals, the ban on the trader-to-trader transactions, the dehoarding drive and raids on businessmen's godowns, have resulted in substantial market arrivals and a general easing of the situation. If the state's proposal to prescribe the same 100- quintal limit for fanners too is actually implemented, the wheat arrivals in the market would increase further.

SOUTH- Emerging Rift in Kerala CPI(M)

SOUTH Emerging Rift in Kerala CPI(M) Mohit Sen THE entire politbureau of the CPI(M) has descended on Kerala, In a sense there is no reason to wonder at this .since Kerala is, alter all, the second mass base of that party. And that mass base has not been behaving as the party has wanted it to. The mass base itself remains large and for voting purposes it is formidable. Why, then, has it remained more than a trifle deaf to the repeated calls for action issued to it by the CPI(M) leadership of the state?

SOUTH- The Wrong Target

mind hardly figured in the Srinagar Conference. The conference shared the widely-held convenient belief that the student unrest is a temporary by-pheno- nienon

SOUTH- Behind the Normalcy

SOUTH ANDHRA has been quiet for many months now. The storm of the separatist movement seems like a memory of a distant and faded past. In official quarters it is called a return to normalcy, but this normalcy is itself left undefined.

SOUTH- Karunanidhi s Dangerous Diversion

of punishment will deter the would-be accusers, or whether the dialogues will finally lead to a modus vivendi is too . early to say. But Siddhartha Ray and New Delhi are both banking on the ultimate deterrent


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