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People in Protected Areas

If a meaningful debate is to take place on what appear to be conflicting needs and claims of wildlife preservation and forest and people's rights, we need to understand the historical, and ecological and sociocultural issues in each of these areas. This case study of Koyna sanctuary and the people of the area, is such an attempt.

Agrarian Issues Contradictions or Confusions

sectors of social services. It is a clear case of an international organisation learning from, and acting upon, the contributions of another. Some credit for this should go to the efforts of UNICEF, and its early publication on adjustment with a human face. See also T Krishna Kumar, 'Consensus Against the Washington Consensus' forthcoming in 2 While Mahbub ul-Haq of Pakistan has been the key person in this effort, the contributions of Amartya Sen, Partha Dasgupta and others have been substantial. For all this there has been an old tradition in economics that is not so important in the way economics is taught today. See David Col lard, 'Pigou and Future Generations', Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol 20, no 5, September 1996.

Privatisation of Commons for the Poor-Emergence of New Agrarian Issues

Emergence of New Agrarian Issues Milind S Bokil In the literature on common property resources (CPRs) privatisation is often decried on the ground that it deprives the rural poor from a critical source of livelihood and only benefits the rich and powerful sections of society. The problem, however, gets complicated when the poor themselves encroach upon the commons for their livelihood needs. Such a situation has arisen in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra where the dalits have encroached upon the village common lands to establish ownership. A number of important agrarian issues arises in this context AN important agrarian issue in countries like India, where rural poverty is directly related to agricultural backwardness, is how do the poor secure their livelihood? The corollaries are, how do they establish access to important agricultural resources like land, water and trees and what strategies are adopted by them to retain the control? What are the consequences of their actions in terms of agrarian social relationships? What effects do changing environment and state policies have upon them? And so on.

Maharashtra Earthquake-Institutional Tremors

The Marathwada earthquake has demonstrated not only the fragility of our houses, but the ineffectiveness of our institutions. It has brought out several contradictions in our society

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