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Trends in Rural Unemployment-Further Comment

(a) all peasants are acquisitive; (b) all flows of surplus output are transformed into stocks of assets, and (c) the petty peasant does not have any surplus flow of output, where as the big peasants have enough surplus which they transform into assets.

Overpopulation and the Rural Poor-A Comment

of 'systemic failure? In his various recent writings in Mainstream on the Emergency in India, Nikhil Chakravarty has argued and with considerable force against such a hypothesis of "inevitability". If one pursues this line of thought further it is possible to distinguish the problems of "State" from the problems of "Statecraft" while discussing the political process of primitive capital accumulation in a developing economy. If such a differentiation is valid then the possibilities of pursuing rapid economic growth within the democratic framework are obviously widened considerably. One can in fact argue that these two aspects are mutually reinforcing just as one argues that economic growth and redistribution are mutually reinforcing.

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