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WEST ASIA- PLO-Jordan Relations

nised and unorganised sectors of labour including the Christian institutions where such facilities do not exist. The consultation urged that medical institutions should have specially trained medical social workers, informed with a feminist perspective, to respond to the physical, emotional, psychological, medical social and legal aspects of the needs of women in crisis battered wives, raped or sexually assaulted women, attempted suicides, dowry burn victims, etc. It urged that health care needs of prostitutes be viewed from the right perspective and proper care be extended to the women forced into this trade. It called for the involvement of individuals, the local congregation and church women's groups to work with the women's movement and health movement, towards ensuring wholeness and well-being to women in India.

LEBANON-The Syrian Move

LEBANON The Syrian Move Mehmood Hussain THE recent Syrian invasion of Lebanon and its attacks on the Palestinians do indeed seem puzzling and incomprehensible. Syria, which had sponsored a Palestinian organisation (al- Saiqa), is now dead set against the Palestinian resistance; Syria, which once supplied arms to the leftists m Lebanon is now collaborating with the rightists. To understand these actions of the pre- sent leadership in Syria, one has to scrutinise the past record of President Assad.

LEBANON-Moves to Contain the Left

Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda are flourishing, the attention of the anti- imperialist forces is skilfully diverted towards the "patriotic fight against Indian expansionism and Soviet social- imperialism''.

LEBANON-Not Religious but Ideological Confrontation

national economic system has served the world well and should be strengthened and developed". The Soviet Union opposed the classification of countries into rich and poor. It advocated "ownership of resources by mankind'' and described economic co-operation among developing countries as "economism", "representing bloc interests''.

The Palestine Liberation Movement and Arab Regimes-The Great Betrayal

and Arab Regimes The Great Betrayal Mehmood Hussain Every Arab regime has given verbal support to the Palestinian cause. And every Arab regime has used that cause to further its own domestic political prospects and to out-manoeuvre neighbouring regimes in the Byzantine game of intra-Arab politics.

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