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The Shadow of Violence

The 1992–93 communal riots in Bombay scarred the cosmopolitan nature of the city, leading to greater ghettoisation, discrimination, and communal division. Yet the city bears stories of hope and sorrow, of alienation and hurt, all swallowed up in the vigour of eking out one’s daily existence.

A Dirge for Kashmir

Kashmir’s summer of 2016—and since—has been marked by events that will not be easily forgotten: the killing of Burhan Wani; the intensified people’s resistance that it triggered; the killing of over a hundred people by state forces; the indiscriminate use of the Public Safety Act; and, above all, what is being called “the world’s first mass blinding.” This is the gist of a recently-released report by a fact-finding team.

No Country for Afghans

Afghanistan is clearly unprepared for a massive influx of refugees, and human rights groups have raised concerns about their future in a country ripped apart by war and terrorism with a worsening security situation. Many of the refugees are likely to join the ranks of close to a million internally displaced people in Afghanistan and live in inhuman conditions by all accounts.

In the Name of God

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have been condemned and criticised but they remain unchanged and are used to incarcerate and even kill those accused. Many of the complaints are based on made-up evidence and the real causes are personal vendetta or gains. The case of Asia Bibi, a mother who has been on death row for six years, is a classic illustration.

The Unmaking of the Forest Rights Act

Aimed at protecting the rights of forest dwelling tribal communities the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 promised much. However, over the years its implementation has been tardy and there have been concerted efforts to dilute it. In early October, conservation organisations and ecological scientists wrote to the government about this aspect.

Lines on the Map

The alienation felt against the Indian government in Kashmir has been left unresolved and an attempt has been made to intensify the blame game by dragging in the human rights violations in Balochistan. In the light of India's surgical strikes along the Line of Control, will dropping the policy of strategic restraint work towards taking a step forward or will it ignite another spiral of violence and retribution?

Lines on the Map

It is tempting to think that a surgical strike was the only option left to tackle an intractable country. The sense of foreboding can only deepen with the directionless approach of the Indian government in resolving the Kashmir dispute and the terror question. India’s decision to inflict such an action against Pakistan indicates that the spirit of SAARC to work out things in a mutually agreeable manner had already taken a backseat.

Free Naveen Soorinje

As editors and senior journalists representing a cross-section of the print, television and online media, we wish to bring to your notice a matter of serious professional concern for the journalist fraternity.

Critique of Climate Change Inaction

The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis: Mortgaging Our Future by Praful Bidwai (Orient BlackSwan), 2012; pp 392, Rs 750.

Chronicle of Communal Riots in Bombay Presidency (1893-1945)

From 1893 onwards Bombay Presidency witnessed a series of communal riots between Hindus and Muslims, and the first one had the cow protection movement as a backdrop. The reclaiming of public places through celebration of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, discord over cow slaughter, disputes over playing of music near religious places, the building of prayer halls, mosques and temples and tombs sparked communal violence causing divisions among the Hindus and Muslims. By the time the Muslim League demanded a separate state, relations were polarised and the riots continued right up to Partition and beyond.

Chhattisgarh : Cracks in the Rice Bowl

The region was once known for its rice varieties and good crop yields. Today, modernisation has resulted in a single-minded emphasis on new high yielding varieties and the neglect of indigenous diversity.

Kurds in Turkey-Fighting for Survival

Fighting for Survival Meena Menon Such is the extent of repression and human rights violation on the Kurds by the Turkish state that the Kurds' struggle for national liberation today is also a desperate struggle for survival.


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