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India's Environmental Past

Shifting Ground: People, Animals, and Mobility in India’s Environmental History edited by Mahesh Rangarajan and K Sivaramakrishnan, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014; pp 418, Rs 875.

India's Ecological Past

India's Environmental History: A Reader (Vol 1: From Ancient Times to the Colonial Period; Vol 2: Colonialism, Modernity, and the Nation) edited by Mahesh Rangarajan and K Sivaramakrishnan (Ranikhet: Permanent Black), 2011; pp vii + 464; ix + 614, Rs 1,850.

Forests, People and State

This paper focuses on the differences between pre-colonial and colonial constructions of nature and how the two interacted with and absorbed one another, with reference to the forests of the Gorakhpur region. The East India Company, while continuing the Mughal framework and institutions in the management of the forests, also embarked upon reinvention of traditions and recreation of customs. Its commercial and strategic interests always remained prominent as it sought to reinforce its notions of power and authority.

Pervasive Links and the Study of Nature

Social Nature: Resources, Representations and Rule in India edited by Arun Agrawal and K Sivaramakrishnan; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2001; pp x+316, Rs 595.

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