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Strategies for Equity Ifzal Ali B M Desai R Ramakrishna V S Vyas This paper attempts to focus on the prospects and problems of Indian agriculture by the turn of the century. Its emphasis is mainly on issues relating to distribution, and the increasing of the purchasing power of the poorest segments of the population.

Class Struggle or Emancipation- Women s Emancipation Movements in Europe and the US

If one studies the controversy between the socialist and the radical feminists, it becomes evident that only now, in the seventies, have women in the Western countries come back to the old burning problem ivhich had preoccupied the women in the Old Left: How to fink the struggle for the liberation of the working class with that for the emancipation of women.

Paulo Freire s Method of Education-Conscientisation in Latin America

Paulo Freire's Method of Education Conscientisation in Latin America Maria Mies The term 'conscientisation epitomises a different approach to educating and mobilising the downtrodden masses which has been tried out in Latin America. This approach can be attributed in large measure to the ideas and work of a Brazilian educationist, Paulo Freire. This article describes Paulo Freire's method of education.

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