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Monetary Aggregates

An exploration of the information content within money confirms that despite the theoretical inconsistence inherent within a simple sum monetary aggregate, money supply (M3) has been a consistent leading indicator of the general slowdown in economic activities in India since March 2010. The paper also establishes an exogenous influence of the central bank balance sheet over M3 through a statistically stable money multiplier, a long-term stable relationship, and bidirectional Granger causality between M3 and reserve money. However, the monetary policy measures of the central bank that determine reserve money themselves take a cue from economy-wide factors, as presented in a multivariate forecast model for reserve money.

The Dam Safety Act, 2021

The asymmetrical arrangements in political and administrative aspects of the act rooted in historico-geographical, institutional, and constitutional obscurities are interrogated, especially emphasising on the amount of authority held by the union government by forming two new bodies—the National Committee on Dam Safety and National Dam Safety Authority.

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