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Bioinformatics and Genomics Bazaar

The completion of the sequencing of the human genome has opened up enormous business opportunities for bioinformatics, no doubt. How will this wealth of information contribute to better medicare?

Salt Iodisation Programme

You have done well to highlight the hasty reversal of the public policy on the universal salt iodisation (USI) programme in India, although you have not taken a firm stand either for or against the policy (‘Public Policy: Hasty Reversal’, May 27).

Moving Minds to Market

Management Perspectives: Essays on Managerial Priorities and Management Education (in commemoration of the silver jubilee of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) edited by N Balasubramanian; Macmillan India, New Delhi, 1999; pp 579, Rs 695.

Madhya Pradesh : Democratising Democracy

If the panchayat system is to be effective, it needs to be strengthened technologically - whether by providing information on the upkeep of a hand pumps, the use of STDs, or the internet.

MADHYA PRADESH-Tackling Child Abuse

cillin ester that is better absorbed in the system. It is thus expensive, Penglobe (Astra IDL) Becampacillin 200 mg 10 T Rs 41.65; Cynomycin-50(Cyanamid); Minocycline 50 mg 10 T Rs 80; Cynomycin is a form of tetracycline with broad spectrum; and Betam- Oral (Torrent) a combination of sulbacin with ampicillin, 10 T Rs 425.

How Useful Is Pulse Strategy for Polio Eradication

Polio Eradication?
Manu N Kulkarni The second phase of the pulse potto immunisation programme is due to begin next month. What are the lessons to he learnt from the first phase of the programme, conducted last year?

MADHYA PRADESH-Evolving a Women s Policy

A draft policy on women, recently evolved through wide-ranging discussions with women representatives in local governments and women's groups, incorporates several innovative strategies to achieve the policy objectives of empowering women, ensuring their fullest participation in civil society and sensitising larger society to women's concerns and issues.

Global Political and Economic Security-Wishes and Horses

Wishes and Horses Manu N Kulkarni Despite the good intentions of the Commission of Global Governance to promote just global conditions for political and economic security, questions regarding enforcement of its decisions remain unanswered.

Designing Participatory Training

some of the cases in which the programme can damage the rural set up if the donor perceptions as well as the implementation gets wrong. The author argues against ideological culture-neutral applications of development objectives, which look beautiful on paper and in policy declaration but which are difficult to obtain. Different NGOs have different perceptions on development and the way they implement programmes also varies from one to the other. Thus, it is clear that till now, no uniformity exists regarding the organisational behaviour of the management of these implementing agencies. The literature in this direction is also limited. This is the case of all the types of NGOs. Certain NGOs spend most of their time in introducing advanced evaluation systems, which often might be undertaken by those who are not at all familiar with the area in which the programme is carried out. This is evident in some of the case studies presented by Hossanin Zillur Rahman in his paper 'Aid and Development in Bangladesh'.


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