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Rule of Foreign Agencies in the Environment

What is the place of any international organisation in India's national forest and environment policy-making body? Although the felling of forests by the British in India is familiar history, what is kept under wraps is the post-independence destruction of forests by international agencies. To understand Food and Agriculture Organisation's role in India's policy-making, one has to go back to 1951, when the government agreed to the UN secretary general's request of inviting the organisation for a joint exploration to develop the country's pulp and paper industry, when, in fact, it was already well established.

Involvement of Business Houses in Rural Development-A Case Study

Indian business houses began to diversify into agri-business in the mid-sixties, often in collaboration with multinationals. However, as the purchasing power of the Indian farmer is limited, except for a small section in the green revolution areas, the major buyer the business houses have sought is the government which has tried to modernise agriculture by providing a variety of subsidies. These subsidies have progressively increased and are heaviest in areas designated as 'tribal', 'backward

Labour and Productivity in the Tea Industry

India may be the largest producer and the largest exporter of tea and tea may be one of the two major foreign exchange earners for the country, but what is forgotten totally is that the labour force, particularly the female labour force, is the backbone of the tea industry.

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