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Post-Independence Indian English Literature- Towards a New Literary History

Indian English literature is a contest over the nature, identity and ultimately distiny of modern India. Of late, the realistic, modernistic, pessimistic mode of the first three decades of post-independence writing is giving way to a non-representational experimental self conscious and optimistic literature. But the real challenge the writers of today face is the enforced homogenisation and standardisation of culture due to globalisation and the new, easy and superficial internationalism which tempts Indian English writers to market themselves abroad.

Another Perspective on Aesthetics

There is nothing at all in the book which is irrelevant to the theme of foreign policy. We are right now living through limes in which our foreign policy has been crippled by our past and present economic follies. And we have only just emerged from times in which New Delhi's completely wrong assessments of Tamil Nadu's concern with Sri Lanka Tamils led India into several blunders in Sri Lanka, We have also seen times, such as the early years of Nehru as prime minister, the early 1970s phase of Indira Gandhi, and the first year or two of Rajiv Gandhi's reign, when a strong coherence in domestic politics enhanced India's foreign policy role. Similarly, all that preceded 1971 is among the elements which made up India's foreign policy in the subsequent decades. But then. extensions of the theme and time blur the conceptual clarity which is promised by the title.

Politics of Misreading

Politics of Misreading Makarand Paranjape ONE is heartened when one's writing generates discussion and debate In this case, I am even happier tnat the response to my essay ('Caste of Indian English Novel?', EPW, October 5) came from K Satya- narayana (EPW, November 23, 1991) because, if I am not mistaken, he is a termer student of mine.

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