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Global Population Growth, Economic Development and Environmental Impact-Case Study of India, 1991-2100

The nature of environmental problems depends upon the level of economic development, the nature of industrialisation, the degree of urbanisation and the effectiveness of public policies. This article examines the impact of population growth and economic development separately, but with reference to the conjectured global warming between 1991 and 2100, with special reference to India.

Population Policy Target of Net Reproduction Rate of Unity by 2000-How Realistic

Rate of Unity by 2000 How Realistic?
Mahinder Chaudhry There has been no dearth of official and unofficial estimates of population projections for India since the early 1950s. Some analysts have however noted that official projections have tended to reflect an optimistic picture of possible rapid demographic change while others have consistently underlined the much slower pace of the expected change. The latest document which traces three population projections over the next twenty years published by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, in contrast to the earlier estimates, appears to underscore the creeping harsh reality of the unique demographic dynamics in a gradually developing economy such as India's.

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