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On the Demise of Sarabjit Singh

We the citizens of India and Pakistan are pained by the sad demise of Sarabjit Singh as a result of an attack on him in the Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore, Pakistan by some inmates on 26 April 2013. We express our deep and heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased.

Greying of Milton Friedman

Greying of Milton Friedman Mahesh Bhatt IN his review of Milton Friedman and Rose Friedman book "Free to Choose" (October 30, 1982) Kaushik Basu, while criticising the authors of using 'shoddy' arguments, has himself resorted to shoddy arguments in his attempt to demolish some parts of the excellent analysis and policy recommendations emerging from this powerful and persuasive book. Looking to the development performance of many centrally planned economies, one is surprised as to how one could maintain that Friedman's views as expressed in this book are those of "a person pushed against the wall by an increasing pile of evidence which does not support his theories". If anything, the development performance of most countries that have resorted to the centrally planned systems (including our own country) provides increasing evidence in support of Friedman's theories.

Case for an Expenditure Tax-A Comment

of the planning team, arises out of the financial implications of introducing block level planning at the same time throughout the country. In other words, greater justice could perhaps have been clone to the concept of block level planning by introducing it in a limited number of blocks in the first instance, instead of ambitiously attempting to cover all the blocks in so diluted IN spite of the discouraging experience of the working of an expenditure tax in India and Sri Lanka we do find occasionally people advocating its re- introduction in one or other form. Recently R J Chelliah has advocated, along with other measures, reintrodu- ction of an expenditure tax in India ("Case for an Expenditure Tax", January 26). This note tries to examine from a different angle whether there is any case for reintroduc- tion of on expenditure tax at this stage of our development. An effort is made to examine the validity of some of the widely accepted arguments in favour of an expenditure tax. Besides some theoretical issues, we also propose to discuss the administrative problems which are likely to arise in the course of the enforcement of an expenditure tax. The enforcement problems in taxation field are more important because bad administration of a good tax may have bad economic effects.

Housing the Poor in Ahmedabad

Mahesh Bhatt V K Chawda A concomitant of the comparatively rapid urbanisation of Gujarat has been the continuous growth of the slums in cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Bhatmagar and Jamnagar. In any programme of war on poverty, along with provision of food and education, provision of adequate housing assumes great importance. In such a programme, tee have to begin where the need for housing is most intensely felt. The need for providing minimum housing facilities is most urgent in the case of urban slum dwellers.

Housing Problem of a Growing Metropolis

with the Russian leadership was influencing his views on the Latin American revolution. Suddenly Castro cooled down towards the guerilla movements which had received his unqualified material and moral support in the past. Earlier he had confessed, he "could not make a speech without speaking about our heroic guerillas". But by 1969, the guerillas had practically disappeared from his speeches and from the Cuban press. The weekly international edition of Granma, published in four major world languages, which used to be full of news of guerilla activity now carried almost nothing except pictures and reports about sugar, the reception to visiting Soviet ships and the leaders of the socialist (pro-Moscow) world, including for the first time since 1959, the visits of Latin American communists

Incidental Study of Incidence

Incidental Study of Incidence Mahesh Bhatt Incidence of Taxation in Gujarat, published by National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi, 1970; pp 118; Rs 18/$3/24 sh.

Industrial Growth in Gujarat-An Appraisal

Industrial Growth in Gujarat An Appraisal Mahesh Bhatt V K Chavada It is commonly believed that, since its formation into a separate State a decade ago, Gujarat's industry has made striking progress An attempt is made in this article to test this belief. It is found, by the various acknowledged criteria of industrial growth, that the State is by no means in the forefront of industrial development.

How Good a Tax Is Agricultural Income Tax

Pradesh, The deviation from the national average in columns 6 and 7 in Table 1 are smaller in Mysore than in Andhra.
Punjab and UP are distinctly dissimilar to other States, In terms of man-hours Punjab falls far behind UP. But there are otter similarities between the two States. There is no concentration of low wage industries. On the contrary, both States have some high wage industries. Local industry earning rates are, however, low. This observation made earlier too, needs further study.


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