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Insurgency in Tripura

Insurgent groups in Tripura find themselves today at an ideological loss and alienated from popular support. Several are racked by internal struggles and internecine feuds that have taken its toll on the common people. Yet, thus far, it remains a peripheral concern for the government at the centre, that chooses to reach an agreement with some, while ignoring others.

Tripura ADC Election, 2000

The formation of an autonomous council has not brought democracy to the tribals of Tripura. The pro- and anti-tribal terrorist groups made a mockery of recent elections. Murder and abduction cast a shadow on the ballot box.

TRIPURA-Some Erosion of Left Base

Some Erosion of Left Base Mahadev Chakravarti TRIPURA is one of the few states in the country where both Lok Sabha and vidhan sabha elections were held simultaneously on February 16. Here the fight was mainly between the Congress Tripura Upajan Juba Samity (TUJS)-Tripura National Volunteers TNV combine and the Left Front consisting of CPI, CPI(M), RSP and Foward Bloc and both the camps considered the vidhan sabha election particularly as a life and death issue. The other parties are almost non-existent in the state, though recently the BJP has made some considerable inroads in areas where there is a mixed Hindu-Muslim population. L K Advani visited Dharmanagar in the North Tripura district on the eve of election and could draw a large crowd. The polt results in Tripura may not surprise many as it was expected that the Left Front would be repeating the trend of 1993 vidhan sabha and 1996 Lok Sabha elections. Let us now have a look at the comparative picture of the 1993 and 1998 vidhan sabha elections.

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