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The Troubled Ascent of a Marine Ring Seine Fishery in Tamil Nadu


The transition to ring seine fishing in India is examined, paying special attention to the implications of legal pluralism. Ring seine fishing developed in niches and spread swiftly throughout the subcontinent, dividing the fisher population into fervent protagonists and antagonists. It is argued that sociotechnical innovations are often contested, and that rival parties apply alternative legal regimes to advance their rights. Fieldwork in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu suggests that regimes function as arenas for deliberating and battling alternative futures in fishing and mask deep sociolegal divides.

Responsible Fisheries?

The article “Responsible Fisheries: Kerala Fish Workers Open New Path in Co-governance” (EPW, 29 August 2015) argued that the “Kochi Initiative” in Kerala—a collaboration between fishers and government scientists—was a major breakthrough in fisheries governance. We suggest that these authors cheered too soon. Through evidence from coastal Tamil Nadu, we note the history of the debate among fishers on environmental and justice impacts of new technology. Fisher management skills are usually ignored by state agencies which also fail to govern effectively. While co-management is the way to go, it requires more state effort.

Caste Panchayats and the Regulation of Fisheries along Tamil Nadu's Coromandel Coast

This paper considers the ramifications of non-state panchayat action in the field of marine resource management. First, it investigates how fishermen panchayats are involved in regulating access to and usage of fish resources. Secondly, it examines the mechanisms of regulation. Finally, it discusses the likelihood that similar structures have emerged in other occupational settings.

Changing Balance of Power at Sea-Motorisation of Artisanal Fishing Craft

Motorisation of Artisanal Fishing Craft Maarten Bavinck Motorisation of 'kattumarams ' is taking place at a rapid pace along the Coromandel coast in Tamil Nadu, with the encouragement of the state. While the main reasons for this are the increased earnings and the additional comfort for the crew, it is also enabling rural fisherfolk to protect their catch from trawlers which ply the inshore waters and has led to several direct actions aimed at limiting trawler operations.

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