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A New Era for Vietnam and US?

The recent US visit of the Vietnamese prime minister signals a new dawn for both countries. While the relationship promises a new economic and strategic partnership, the US must allay suspicions that by 'wooing' Vietnam it is seeking to counter the China 'threat'.

Pol Pot Death Deprives Justice

Pol Pot, deposed leader of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge movement, died leaving many questions unanswered. Was he a failed visionary or a mere pawn in the superpower game? Why was Pol Pot allowed to evade arrest and trial?

Political Parties, Development Policies and Pragmatism in a Changing World-Lessons from Vietnam

Pragmatism in a Changing World Lessons from Vietnam M S Shivakumar In recentyears, Vietnam has recorded remarkably high growth rates whilst ensuring equity and national predominance by adopting policies that in some ways balanced the role of the Communist Party, state and private sectors. Reforms, in general, were undertaken keeping socialist principles and institutions intact. This paper attempts to provide an overview of the most important political developments in Vietnam since 1986, and examines the role of the party in shaping the perspectives of the state and the private sectors that guarantees social and economic equities. For this analysis, the 8th national party congress, held in June 1996, in Hanoi, is considered as a point of reference. It concludes that the party's hold on the population remains strong, and the current changes in Vietnam will help Hanoi defend its sovereignty, not only economically, but also culturally and politically, ft seems possible that Vietnam will develop in tandem with China but with a lesser role for the party in state affairs.

The CIA and Vietnam

extend to Goa even though the dowry problem persists. Customary and personal law practices like polygamy, triple talaq, etc, continue. In theory, sons and daughters have an equal share in natal property but it can be circumvented by the provision for gifting the property to the son and/or relinquishing of rights for the daughters. Legally married men and women are joint owners of property but it is the husband's prerogative to handle to dispose of the joint property before the divorce.

Ignorance, Arrogance and Vietnam War

and that is what I appreciate.
This book helps teaching macroeconomics in developing countries like ours in a rigorous way. If I were using it as a text. I would supplement it with others such as Bhaduri,4 and Rakshit. 'Bhaduri' s book to introduce the student to the work of Kalecki (whose name appears in Jha's bibliography but not in the index), and Rakshit's for its analysis of the dualism model. Both would serve to round off the material for the Indian student. From there the student can move on to other things, for example Pasinetti's recent work on structural economic dynamics," although this would be a big jump as issues of technology, learning, and other things will have to be brought in from elsewhere.

Vietnam Twenty Years After

M S Shivakumar Twenty years after the fall of South Vietnam to socialist North Vietnamese forces, the normalisation of US-Vietnam relations still depends on the resolution of several contentious issues, the most important of which is the tracing of US prisoners of war personnel missing in action.

Recruitment and Employment Practices in Construction Industry-A Case Study of Bangalore

Construction Industry A Case Study of Bangalore M S Shivakumar Yap Kioe Sheng Karl E Weber The concept of the 'informal sector' can be analysed under three broad features, viz, aggregation, linkages and dynamics, A careful scrutiny of the 'dynamics' of employment practices in the construction industry in Bangalore city suggests that the traditional informal sector paradigms which generally concede 'ease of entry' into any of the informal sector activities may be misleading.

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