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TAMIL NADU- Drought Situation View from a Village

today lack enough people with the required analytical capabilities to harness this advantage. Increased budgetary provisions, more interaction with university departments and other institutions and provision for visiting economists to the centres are a few of the possible remedies.

CPI(M)-From Muzzaffarpur to Midnapur-Story of Missing Landlords

bravo face is being put on the worsening economic .situation without any will to seriously re-examine policies. At the administrative level, routine Is the watchword.

Peasant Organisations in South India

about the caste character of the work Peasant Organisations in South India ers of the Communist Party who were involved in organising the rural poor M S S Pandian of Thanjavur: "For them [Harijans], IN his reply (June 13, 1973) to my comment (January 31, 1981) on his original article (Tune 28, 1980), K C Alexander has chosen to misrepresent quite a few of my points arid hence his reply does not correspond to the actual points I had made. Even where he has attempted replies otherwise, they are not based on any substantive evidence. Let met take his points one alter another, in the same order maintained by Alexander in his reply.

Emergence of Peasant Organisations in South India-A Comment

in South India A Comment M S S Pandian THE main conclusions arrived at by K C Alexander in his paper on the emergence of peasant organisations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala (EPW, June 28, 1980) are based either on no evidence or on outdated information or erroneous methodology.


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