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The 1985-86 Budget A Lazy Gamble

M S IN 1957, T T Krishnamachari, presenting his first Budget, enunciated the principles of tax policy in a planned economy. Resource mobilisation and equity consistent with incentives were mentioned as the key elements of tax policy. Twenty-eight years

THE ECONOMY- Plan, Non-Plan and All That

THE ECONOMY Plan, Non-Plan and All That M S THE Seventh Plan is under fomulation. It is an appropriate time, therefore, to review some of the concepts and categories which are routinely being used in the Yojana Bhavan, in older to determine if they continue to serve the purpose for which they were designed. The most important of these concepts is that of 'Plan Outlay'. It is the contention of this note that the category of 'Plan Outlay' has outlived its utility; that in practice it introduces biases which arc inimical to efficient use of resources; and that it should be replaced by a more restrictive category called 'public investment', or a broader category called 'public development ex- penditure': in the alternative a conscious change should he brought about in the way priorities are attached to different types of public expenditures.

KERALA- Behind the Alliance Image

As Muslims of the subcontinent get 'regionalised' and capable of partially articulating their aspirations through non-communal identities and as Muslim Indians acquire a greater mental self- sufficiency and hence acceptability, the pulls of common languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Sindhi and Urdu and of Indian Islam

KERALA- Fragile Facade of Unity

February 26, 1972 the outcome was a net loss of Rs 18 lakhs after depreciation of Rs 6 lakhs. The directors expect that the operations will reach the break-even point within the next few months and that the company would be able to close the current year without any further losses.

KERALA- Cracks in the Coalition

December 4, 1971 in a leaderette "there is no doubt that the organisation [Congress-R] in the rural areas is influenced and led by jotedars and rich peasants. In order to protect jotedar interests, members and leaders, of New Congress are as- sualring and beating the peasants and their leaders," The editorial complained of collusion among police, goondas, jotedars and Congress (R), All this has not, of course, led to any change of practice on the part of CPI. But the growing exposure of the real character of Congress(R) and its covert rule in West Bengal has already led RSP and Forward Bloc into a common front with CPI(M) in time Burdwan municipal election scheduled to he held on November 28. Whatever the results of the Burdwan polls, this line-up is a pointer to the future political alignment in the state.

KERALA- Congress Takes Over

significantly strengthened. In fact, however, the election results might have quite the contrary impact.
Paradoxically enough, the major unsettling factor is the entry into the Assembly of Biju Patnaik, the architect of the coalition. Out of office since he resigned under the so-called 'Kamaraj Plan' in October 1963, Patnaik has been nursing his ambitions of returning to Chief Ministership. Now, armed with the massive mandate of the people and with the support of the 34 other members of the Utkal Congress and the three members of the Jhar- khand party, who are nearer to him than to the Swatantra party, it would be very unlike Patnaik not to make a bid for power.

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