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Towards an Alternative Union Budget

M A Oommen Alternative formulation of the budget or the economic survey needs to he hacked by substantial research if they are to challenge the government's contention that there is no alternative to implementing the IMF-World Bank prescriptions and structural adjustment programmes.

MPs Local Area Development Scheme-Dangerous Portent

of the Tamil society which include the need to unite the Adi Dravidas and oppressed sections of the backward castes on the basis of their shared experience of economic and socio-cultural exploitation, the heed to counter the resurgence of Brahmin ism in the guise of Hindu right wing political outfits such as the BJP, the RSS and the Hindu Munnani, and the need to safeguard the cultural and linguistic rights of the Tamil people from the homogenising onslaught of the centre. The non-Brahmin elites in question are the ones who, at the local level systematically fatten themselves by pillaging the Adi Dravidas and the poorer sections of the backward castes, both economically and socio-culturally. To expect them to carry forward the agenda of Adi Dravida- lower Sudra unity is to expect the impossible. Similarly, these are precisely the sections, which, given their economic ascendency, are searching for cultural supremacy by backing the forces of Hindutva in the state. The elite sections of the Nadars, Kallars, Goundcrs and others are actively participating in the present phase of Brahminica) revival which has now adopted a more inclusive strategy in terms of caste. What is more, they, with their recently acquired economic and socio-cultural strengths, are finding it possible to express a pan-Indian desire, which is partly reflected in their drift towards the Hindu right. Such pan-Indian desire is already acting as an important constraint for taking up issues such as the imposition of Hindi by the union government.

Bhagwati-Srinivasan Report on Economic Reforms

on Economic Reforms M A Oommen For a country facing "unprecedented economic crisis and socio-political turmoil ", to quote the finance ministry's own discussion paper on the economic reforms, will a standardised prescription provide the right remedy?

Relative Tax Effort of States

AII the Finance Commissions (except the Sixth) have recognised tax effort of a state as a factor to be considered in the allocation of the divisible pool of financial resources among the states. To recognise this is one thing, but to follow it up in the allocation formula with the help of a well-defined methodology is another.

Differential Interest Rate Scheme Findings of a Field Study

of a Field Study M A Oommen Under the Differential Interest Rates (DIR) scheme, nationalised banks advance to the weaker sections of society loans at a concessional rate of interest of 4 per cent per annum. This paper reports the findings of a field investigation covering 143 households in two districts in Kerala, Trichur and Malappu- ram, borrowing under the scheme. This investigation of these selected beneficiary households shows that while the DIR cannot be faulted on turning out to be a 'relief programme, misallocation and misutilisation of loans has not been avoided, and the loans have not been avoided, and the loans have not always gone to the poor and the needy.


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