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KERALA-Gendered Justice

Gendered Justice M J Joseph The Kerala government's attempt to hold back the retrospective application of the Supreme Court judgment upholding equal inheritance rights to Syrian Christian women is an illustration of the nexus between the state and religious authority to uphold and legitimise patriarchal values and norms.

KERALA- Class, Caste, Church and the Left

contraceptive use and how thereby to minimise the conflict between women's rights to birth control and the government's objective of population control. Postscript There is, of course, the school of thought which holds that none of the new.messages are culturally acceptable, that people are still keen to marry off their daughters early, and that few men are going to be willing to use condoms or get vasectomised. Obviously behaviour patterns don't change overnight, and certainly not because a TV spot tells you to do so. The effort to present new images has to be seen at a different level: as statements endorsing a different outlook and a different approach. And as statements they are welcome. They also give the progressive movement a basis for formulating action plans. And like all media images, the FP spots too can play a role in infiuencing attitudes even if the impact is not instantaneous.

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