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The Last Nehru: A Retrospective

Indira Gandhi shared the conviction of her grandfather Motilal and father Jawaharlal that India needed a Nehru family monarchy or else it would splinter in an anarchic hail of fragments. And so, after Sanjay's tragic death, she promoted and groomed her other son, Rajiv for the job even though he had a handicap in a foreign-born wife who refused to give up her Italian citizenship. Rajiv's rise and his death, and the developments thereafter are rooted in this construct that only the Nehrus have the skill and the charisma to govern the desperately poor millions of India.

KERALA-Story of a Top Priority Scheme

December 17, 1977 scale in tribal areas, together with restricted private trade.
Anyway the Congress and other parties will be put to test on this issue. Do they really desire to check the exploitation of adivasis by private traders? If so, what are their methods? They must take a clear stand and stop repeating the empty slogans of justice to adivasis. Slogans cannot be.a substitute for action.

KERALA-One Lakh Houses Scheme

KERALA "One Lakh Houses" Scheme M D Nalapat THE "One Lakh Houses" Scheme (OLHS) represented the first major attempt in India to provide adequate accommodation to the very poor, Implemented by the Government of Kerala from early 1972, it was designed to provide dwellings for landless agricultural labour families who had not received homesteads (kudilsidappus) under the Kerala Land Reforms Act, 1963 as amended in 1969.

Labour Component in Housing Construction-A Preliminary Note

There are two other issues on which the Consultants' report is inadequate and one presumes that further work will be done on these aspects as the details of the scheme are developed. One pertains to the need for providing special cooling systems if not air-conditioning for the underground. The other concerns costs of development and of operation.

Seeing-Eye Dog

August 19, 1972 culturally backward areas. Secondly, even Gujarat state, which has inherited experience in land reforms as well as relatively better organised administration from the erstwhile Bombay state, could not impart the benefit of tenancy abolition to a large section of the tenantry. Of the cases brought before the tribunals, nearly 47 per cent, covering about half the land under dispute, were denied tenancies

Badly Chewed Cud

Petrograd, there would have been no October revolution: the leadership of the Bolshevik Party would have prevented it from occurring

The Drugs Muddle

giving ample warning. As a corollary, collieries which do not act purposefully can be merged or taken over, without further warning.
(5) Public financial institutions should help collieries liberally, but they must retain voting rights and demand follow-up of the steps promised at the time of taking loans.

Proposed Newspapers Bill

Proposed Newspapers Bill M D Nalapat THE proposed bill to widen newspaper ownership is welcome but needs modifications if its objectives are to be met. Among the modifications necessary are:

Have over Auciliaries

scale get exhausted and diminishing returns set in (p 59) or that Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore, is a Urge public sectoral (sic) establishment (p 66) or that HMT produces machines sod wrist watches (p 67)?

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