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How Much Cotton Do We Grow?

Are the data on domestic production of cotton crop reported in the Economic Survey 1998-99, reliable?

Agriculture Ministry s Dubious Cotton Crop Estimates

the same research institute gave two opposite views with the change of the political masters. If all castes are enumerated, the demands of clubbing together different names or splitting one name into separate entities will go up several times and apart from census and state research institutes, the energies of many social scientists in the universities would be drained to cope with the capricious demands.

Unreal Rupee-Rouble Rate

take vote The higher officials are amazed to see that not even a single phone call/letter has come in this span of one year from any politician. One does not expect the PM, CM or minister to sit there and look into their problems but at least, the local MP and MLA should have revisited the affected areas and enquired into the problems of the victims.

Restriction of Membership-Stock Exchanges Contravene Constitution

involve either workers in other industries or the general population. Apart from organisational limitations the inability of the union to draw workers into forms of struggle beyond the filing of petitions has been due to the neglect of proper political education of union members prior to such crisis situations. The tragedy is that even the actual crisis has not been utilised to arouse the workers and the lay populations politically.

De Beers and Apartheid

the Congress Party, headed by Jawaharlal Nehru. Though little is known about his contribution to the committee's deliberations, he was perhaps not in tune with its thinking as his association turned out to be short-lived.

Is Stock Market Flouting MRTP Provisions

MRTP Provisions?
By raising with effect from this month the prescribed size of the minimum market lots of shares, the stock market authorities have gone against the much-touted objective of attracting small investors to the market.

Financial Indiscipline in Corporate Sector

The features of this feudal reaction need a detailed analysis. In this short note one more point may be made. This new form of exploitation has caste connotations, reflected in many ways. First, there is the general upper caste dominance of bureaucratic/ political appointments. This is most starkly brought in Bihar's irrigation department, which is commonly known as a Bhumihar department. Second, the phenomenon is stronger in those states where the dominant landlords come from the upper castes, who traditionally abhor any connection with productive activity and show a marked disinclination to even manage production. But in states where the dominant landlords come FINANCIAL indiscipline in the corporate sector is on the increase, thanks to the new practice adopted by the Controller of Capital Issues for some time now, of allowing corporate entrepreneurs to retain subscriptions in excess of the notified amount, at a time when financial resources in general are scarce, and there is pressing need for more rational distribution of available resources. This practice enables some entrepreneurs to collect funds in excess of their immediate genuine requirements to collect funds in excess of their immediate genuine requirements and creates difficulties for several others in meeting their needs from the market.

Investors without Protection

safeguards through HC and MOU, a minister persists in informally giving suggestions, hints, advice or criticism to PE management, how will he be held to account and how is the PE chief executive to deal with such suggestions, hints, advice or criticism? Can the chief executive politely but firmly tell the minister to mind his own business and let him run his enterprise?

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