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The Lambadas: A Community Destroyed

Subjugated Nomads: The Lambadas under the Rule of the Nizams by Bhangya Bhukya (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan), 2010; pp xxii + 296, Rs 550.

British Imperial Railways in Nineteenth Century South Asia

The massive predatory and exploitative nature of the imperial railway project under the façade of Britain's benevolence to the people of India could not have been further from the reality of the material condition of the masses under colonial hegemony. This paper undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the British imperial railways during the second half of the 19th century. Such related aspects as the development of the colonial economy, the role of finance capital, the comparative spread effect, British monopoly and colonisation of the Indian economy, labour on the railway projects, colonial forestry, famine and disease, etc, are dealt with at some length.

Eurocentrism in World History

Eurocentrism in World History A Critique of Its Propagators Eight Eurocentric Historians by J M Blaut; The Guilford Press, New York, 2000;
LAXMAN D SATYA This book systematically dissects eight well known Eurocentric historians and thoroughly exposes their biases and prejudices on which presumably most Euro- American scholarship is based. The author

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