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Strategies for a Viable Transition-Lessons from the Political Economy of Renewal

Lessons from the Political Economy of Renewal Alice Amsden Michael Intriligator Robert Mclntyre Lance Taylor The poor economic performance and the resulting political instability of the post-socialist countries have stemmed from copying the wrong capitalist model voluntarily or otherwise. Until they learn from both their own past and the experience of successful late-industrialisers and piece together their own sensible policies, specifically geared to their current status, their efforts to restructure and to make a transition to a market economy will continue to sputter.

Economic Reform India and Elsewhere

Economic Reform: India and Elsewhere Lance Taylor If South Korea shows that the state can effectively intervene in the economy, the examples of Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Turkey suggest that an attempt by the authorities not to intervene and turn all decision-making over to the market can backfire for a variety of reasons not just confined to the sphere of economics.

Planners Progress

Planners' Progress Lance Taylor Development Planning: The Indian Experience by Sukhamoy Chakravarty; Oxford University Press, 1988; pp 137, Rs 90.

II Bookkeeping Function

February 28, 1976 mention of employment This is ex- cused by the view that "in India's type of underdevelopment labour is not a scarce factor". Nor was there any discussion of poverty and of the distribution of income, except in Pitambar Pant's stillborn perspective plan aimed at providing a minimum level of real income to the whole population, which was partially revamped in the no-less ineffective discussion of the Fifth Plan.

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