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Master-Servant Relationship in a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Cross-Cultural Perspective Lakshmi Srinivas A review of recent literature shows racial and ethnic dominance to be an important factor in constructing the master- or mistress-servant relationship, and in countries which have been colonised, ideas of the ruler and ruled are carried over into the domestic sphere. More generally, these studies have drawn attention to the complexities of servitude where relationships are structured around difference and where difference translates into cultural superiority and ideological dominance.

Land and Politics in India-Working of Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976

Working of Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976 Lakshmi Srinivas This review of the Urban Land Ceiling Act and its impact serves to illustrate the divergence between the professed intentions of legislation and the changes it undergoes in the course of implementation in a federal democratic polity functioning in a highly heterogeneous and poverty-ridden country.

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