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Vietnam and the Socialist World

Lajpat Rai While American bombs were killing and maiming children, women and men, Nixon was being entertained in Peking and Moscow as an honoured guest. While the people of Vietnam were fighting a life and death struggle against the brutalities perpetrated by the US Administration, lavish banquets were spread before the arch perpetrator in Moscow and Peking. In Peking, while a band played 'America the Beautiful', Nixon and Chou roamed from table to table drinking toasts to friendship in the Chinese national drink, mao-tai. In his formal toast Nixon called upon the Chinese leaders to join him in a "long march together". The extravaganza produced in Moscow yielded even greater results for Nixon than the Peking political operetta. In record time, nine agreements covering earth, air and space were signed between Nixon and the Soviet Communist Party chief. The Soviet mass media were pressed into service in an unprecedented way to carry the 'message of peace' from the man who had escalated the war in Indochina.

New Pattern in Peru-Advancing the Mode of Exploitation

 view, it would be useful to collect and process the information about the firm's operations in the form given in the Table, Once such information is collected and processed on various enterprises, it would be possible to fix norms for the various ratios. For example, in a given industry field, the bank will have such information about a number of firms; with such information, it should not be difficult to derive efficiency norms. Further, this information would also be useful in forecasting THERE has been a great dial of confusion about the nature of the new regime under General Juan Alvares Velaseo which came to power in Peru as a result of a military golpe on October 3, 1968. Some sec Peru as a new Cuba. Others describe the regime as 'populist', 'Nasserite' or even 'Bis- marekian'. Still others dub it as 'pro- oligarchy', 'pro-imperialist', etc. This confusion has arisen not only from some of the public utterances of the leaders of the military junta and the position that Castro has taken vis-a-vis the new regime, but also from different estimations of the 'revolutionary' measures adopted by the new rulers since their assumption of power, notably the Agrarian Reform Law and the nationalisation of the International Petroleum Company (IPC), a subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey. The spokesmen of the regime, from the proponents of 'humanist capitalism to the easily identifiable conservative groups within the government, proclaim that the reforms now under way presuppose that capitalism will he replaced by ".something else", but explicitly trends in investment, output, exports, imports and prices. If such information collected and processed by all the banks is consolidated at one place


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