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BRITAIN-Northern Ireland Creeping Compromise

BRITAIN Northern Ireland: Creeping Compromise Kirsty Malcolm IT is characteristic of many a Western government that after condemning the actions of 'extremists' it takes steps to meet those extermists half way. A case in point is the shrill outrage expressed by the British administration at the assassination of Lord Mountbatten in August last year, which was followed, after a decent interval, by half-hearted moves to placate Irish nationalism.

UNITED KINGDOM-TUC versus Tory Government

TUC versus Tory Government Kirsty Malcolm "YOU can't keep the TUC out of the corridors of power because without the TUC there is no power in those corridors." This statement from David Basnett, secretary-general of the Eco- nomic Council of the Trades Union Congress, might sound elementary to the Left, but it had to be spelt out to the Thatcher administration.

BRITAIN-Prospects for Labour

Prospects for Labour Kirsty Malcolm IT has been the Season of the Mole in British politics. First came the Royal Mole, Sir Anthony Blunt, one time art advisor to Her Majesty, who recently admitted purveying sensitive information to the Soviet Union soon after World War II. Then followed a succession of Red Moles, caught nibbling away the entrails of the Labour Movement, by, the hounds of Fleet Street, Hard on their heels appeared reports of Blue Moles, in the form of CIA and NATO agents, already entrenched in the body of the leading working class party.
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